Monday, August 5, 2013

JClaire turns 2!

{Two months ago.. May 23}
 I'm a couple of years behind on catching up the blog, but at least I can start somewhere.. I'll start with my girls birthdays. Two of them happened to be in May of this year. JClaire's was MUCH more lowkey than CDC's so I will start with her.

i pretty much planned it last minute because I put so much thought into CDCs 7th birthday. JClaire still loves Minnie Mouse so we decided to do a REPEAT theme of her 1st birthday. {Lame, I know} It was a little different colors and decorations, but still Minnie Mouse.
 CDC and CRC had a blast even though it was only a few family members there. That's the only sadness I have with JClaire's parties. She really has no family. Her biological father and his side of the family are not involved with her life at all and never have been, which honestly is for the best. But times like these, it makes me really sad because she has no one to show up to her parties. :( She doesn't know the difference though and still has a great time :)
 Nini is always there though. And JClaire loves her time with her.

 New tricylce and a new baby! This child LOVES baby dolls!
 How cute is this face?! Love her cheesy smile!
 ... and at the end of the night, when it gets super duper quiet, you know something just isn't right..
 Yep, she found her cake... and demolished it! haha..
{Happy Second Birthday, JClaire!}

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bait a Hook

{CRC's first ever fish!} 

 Well, I'm still playing catch up on the 'ol blog. We recently went fishing at my dad's and had the best time! All three of my girly girls got their hands dirty and caught some fish!

 {CDC caught several!}
They were all throwin' a line here.. Just too cute!