Wednesday, October 16, 2013

School Girls

First day of school 2013-2014

 Open house 2013. CDC's big girl 2nd grade classroom was a big change from her 1st grade classroom. She was excited about the "big kid" desks and the Razorback decorations in the classroom. She has struggled some with catching up because 1st grade was more of a party for her and her classmates, but she is catching up and doing great!

CRC started PreK this year and goes from 8-3 just like a big kid! She was SO excited when she saw her classroom! She walked in like she owned the place and honestly, it was hard to get her OUT of the classroom. She had NO problems with being there and had didn't notice if I was in the room or not. Ha!  
 Very first day of school EVER! My CRC was SO excited!
 First day of 2nd grade! She's getting so big!!
 All 3 of my baby girls! So precious! My whole heart <3
 Had to get a quick picture with my sweet girl on her first day. She did awesome and loves getting up to go to school every single day :)

JClaire's Procedure Results

I didn't even take the time to explain why she was in the hospital or what the results were...

Since she was about 9 months old, she has suffered from high fevers and extreme constipation with no explanation as to why...

We had seen several specialists from Allergists to Infectious Disease... Still no answers. Until, finally we were referred to a GI Specialist (duh!) and she found the problem. The way she developed was off... Her reproductive and gastro anatomy did not develop exactly as it should have. Her sphincter is kinked at the end rather than going straight down as it should, resulting in extreme and painful constipation. We were instructed to keep her on Miralax daily to help ease the constipation,b ut they also wanted to check for futher problems such as Crohn's and Celiac's.

She had an upper GI and a Colonscopy. Both proved to be negative of any abnormalities! Praise God! She's healthy healthy internally! :)

We have struggled with the Miralax because it is never consistent, but we will get it figured out. I'm just thankful she doesn't have any major issues!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Another Visit to Arkansas Children's Hospital

 {this time, Little Miss had to go}
 She had to have an upper GI and Colonscopy. Poor baby girl. She was definitely not a happy camper, but we got through it.  
 Love this picture of me whispering to her. She's such a sweet baby girl.
 The "Loopy Juice" did it's job. She was all over the place and laughing like crazy. My mom and I felt so bad for taking pictures, but she was hilarious! I took a video as well and she loved watching it back after she was out of the procedure. :)

 My silly monkey in the bars. I have a picture of CRC almost exactly like this when she had her surgery at about the same age. 

 Sweet baby after surgery cuddling her baby doll. She was out for a while and we had to stay in the recovery room for longer than expected because she just didn't want to wake up and eat or drink anything. 
 She just needed a cuddle... 
and a Minnie Mouse balloon! :)