Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Drop

I have felt great for about a week, other than being Siiick! Things changed last night.

All day yesterday I felt funky, just not right.. I don't know what triggered it or brought it on or whatever, but I just felt off. I could barely walk without bending over in pain. Little baby limbs were poking out everywhere and causing me much pain.

Last night, when I went to bed {early like 9:30} I could not get comfortable. It didn't matter which side or position I laid in, I hurt. I felt nauseous. My lower back killed! Then it started. I had unbearable contractions that lasted for about 45 minutes. It seemed like there was no break in between either.. like one straight contraction, cramps, lower back pain. I was sweating and almost crying. I almost got up to go to the hospital, but then it abruptly stopped. I don't know how, but it did.. I wanted to punch something. That pain was just too much to be BH ctx.

My next Dr. appt is tomorrow at 11am. I thought about calling them today, but haven't decided whether or not it's worth it. I'm sure they'll say it's nothing and that i'll just have to deal with it.

Point is, I definitely think JClaire has dropped! My belly looks so much different this week and like I said there are baby parts poking out everywhere and it's so painful!! She is nowhere near my ribs. It's all low! I feel everything in my pelvis and on my sides. So weird and uncomfortable. It's funny though, I can actually see a glimpse of my "abs" again. :)

Took this pic today along with the rest of my 35Wk pics for Thursday..
I guess she doesn't look that much lower, but definitely bigger!

Oh and a side note, this is my 100th post! Yay!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Ughhhh.. that's all I've been able to say lately. I have been SO sick for a week now. It's not going anywhere either. I'm too stubborn to go to a Family Doctor. It just seems like such a nuisance. But I may have to break down and go..

It started in my chest, which is odd for me. I never get sick with anything in my chest. I've been coughing up gunk non stop! You'd think it'd all break loose and go away, but NO it just gets worse every day. And now it has moved to my head. The entire left side of my face is swollen. My left cheek bone and eye feel like they are sticking out an inch further than they're supposed to. Ouch!

Everyone has been harping "It's the pollen!" But I have my doubts. It's definitely an infection of some sort. I'd even go as far as to say I have Bronchitis, the way i've been coughing.. I've also gone through an entire box of Kleenex and bag of Hall's Cough Drops!

Ughhh, I need relief! Antibiotics please..

Sunday, April 17, 2011

What a Saturday Brings..

This could be one of the last pictures of me with only TWO little girls.





I heart this picture!!!

Sight seeing..




and Dancing..

Saturday was a great day :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Well, That's Not Something You Hear Everyday..

I hear "Mommy, hellllllp!!!" coming from CRC , who was up stairs.

So I went running..err waddling up there as quickly as I possibly could and asked "What's the matter Carrah?!"

"Mommy, I got butter on my back." she nonchalantly replied..

..........huh? Haha.. I had made her sausage, toast, and grapes for breakfast and apparently she laid in on top of one of her pieces of toast. It was all over the back of her shirt as well as the bottom of her long hair! Ick!

I immediately ran her a bath and she was as happy as a lark. All is well again.. {wink}

Thursday, April 14, 2011

34 Weeks..

{34 Weeks}
Taken with my phone this week..

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 34 Weeks 
Size of baby: 18 inches and  4 3/4 lbs
About the size of a Cantaloupe
Total Weight Gain: 34lbs .. shoot me, please!
Maternity Clothes: Yes, yes! 
I've even been wearing a lot more of the what we call "stretchy pants" lately :)
Gender: GIRL!!!!! JClaire
Movement: Movement is slowing down a little..
The movement has become very painful!! It's like she ran out of room in my belly area and has moved to my sides almost all the way around to my back!!
Sleep: Actually been good this week.
What I miss: I miss EVERYthing!!!! 
Especially not counting down the days to have a baby.
Cravings: Cinnamon Rice Chex
Symptoms: ..nothing
What I’m looking forward to: Wearing a bathing suit



Just about everyone I know has a Facebook page. Even my dad! And that's saying a lot because he doesn't know the first thing about computers.. Anyway, I've had a page since early 2007 and i'm on it and updating every single day. However, recently I've realized I wanted to be a bit more private from some people "in my life" I put that in quotations because they aren't involved in my life at all, but they are connected to me in a way. I'm not sure I should go into all of the specifics, but let's just say I wasn't comfortable with them even possibly knowing things about me or the baby. So I deleted my Facebook page. I did create a new one, but it's very private and i'm not mentioning anything about the baby or when she's due. If you were my friend on the old one and want to be on the new one, you may email me at kaycee cook {at} att {dot} net without the spaces and parenthesis.

I'm not very open with any of my personal life here on my blog. I've been through many ups and downs in the past year and I just don't feel a lot of my "readers" or people in general would understand. None of you know what's going in with me personally and that's ok.. Someday, I may choose to share where i'm at and who I am personally and relationship wise, but for now, just know i'm just a mom to {almost} 3 girls! And that's all that matters.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day @ the River Market w/ My Littlest Lady

{I'm loving this picture!}

The River Market is about 25 minutes away from where I live, so it's a bit out of the way, especially with gas prices as high as they are right now, but it's my favorite place to go! I love being there with the girls or by myself. It has a bunch of neat things to pass the time. There is a long "Medical Mile" walking path to walk along, a Play Ground, a Splash Pad, a huge bridge to walk across, an Ampitheater type Stage, and of course the local Market with all sorts of different foods.

CRC and I ate lunch {shown at the bottom} then walked a bit then she played in this little tunnel they had.. 

She just wanted to sit on the side and tell me "Moma, I like you.." 

See.. {wink}

 Then she talked on the phone and looked super cute doing it..

Here she is eating her French Fries! :) She looks like such a Big Girl.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tattoos and Baby Shoes

I don't think I've ever talked much about my tattoos on this blog or my past blogs. So there's no better time than now.

I'm not sure I come across as a "tattooed mom" and that's fine because I don't want them to define me by any means. But I do like them. 

Currently, I have 3 Tattoos. 

For my first, I got the very oh.so.unique lower back tattoo. Aka "Tramp Stamp", if you will..when I was only 16! What a mistake.. No one under the age of 21 should get a tattoo. {lol, speaking for myself anyway} It is pretty, though, i'll give myself that bit of credit. It's a big flower with vines coming off of it. Honestly, I couldn't even tell you what color it is because I never see it!! I think purple..haha!

My second, I got at the tender age of 17!! {Thanks to my MOM for taking me to get both before I was 18..ha! She was the coolest mom on the block!} It's strategically placed on my left inner hip. Nice, right? {wink} It's a Chinese symbol that is meant to read "Beautiful" with a sort of abstract sun around it. It's all black. No color. I learned after that one that I liked all black tattoos best. Color fades!

My third, I had been thinking about for a couple of years. I just got it last August 2010. I knew what I wanted, where I wanted it, I just needed to get up the courage and I finally did. It's the one pictured above, on my left wrist. It's a picture of a heart, made up of two music symbols, a Treble Clef and Bass Clef, with two stars on the side. Let me explain it now. I have been very depressed at various ages in my life. I don't know why I suffer from depression, but I do and most likely always will. The only thing that pulls me out of it is music. {Don't get me wrong, I turn to God and pray about my struggles also} I'm a music fanatic. I enjoy just about anything. But it genuinely means something to me to hear the words to a song. They empower me in some sort of way. Anyway, so I wanted the music symbols to create a heart, meaning me. The stars outside the heart represent my girls. The dark heart is for CDC and the white one, for CRC. Can you guess why I chose to leave it white? Because of her Albinism, of course :) 

I absolutely love this tattoo. It has great meaning and importance to me. I wish i'd thought before I got the first two, but I didn't and they are there, but at least I now have one that I will never get tired of looking at. After JClaire is born, I plan to go get another star added to it. 

Oh and the baby shoes were just precious! I took a picture of them because I wanted them and just so happened to get the tat in the picture. I liked it.. kind of artsy, you know..

Monday, April 11, 2011

33 Weeks..

 {33 Weeks..}

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 33 Weeks 
Size of baby: Over 17 inches and a little over 4 lbs
About the size of aPineapple
Total Weight Gain: 34lbs .. shoot me, please!
Maternity Clothes: Yes, yes! 
I've even been wearing a lot more of the what we call "stretchy pants" lately :)
Gender: GIRL!!!!! Jaci Claire
Movement: Movement is slowing down a little..
She still moves a TON, but it's not as constant. She is running low on room..
Sleep: Actually been good this week.
What I miss: I miss not hurting when I move! LOL! I'm so achy.. 
Cravings: Hmm.. nothing really. 
I have been eating a lot of my 7 Grain Gluten Free Bread w/ Honey
Symptoms: Cramping. a LOT!! Blah..
What I’m looking forward to: Every week is something I look forward to because it's one day closer!! I'm literally counting down the weeks. I'm planning tons of stuff on the calendar just to ensure it goes by quickly.

On a side note, i'm SO excited for next April 22nd.. Disney On Ice is coming!!! FUN! We've gone the past 2 years and I cannot wait to go again..yay!

In other exciting news, I got Jaci's Travel System!! It's Pink/Black Eiffel Tower. I bought it at this overstock store we have here. She buys everything overstock and sells it at a GREAT price!! This stroller was regular $209 and I got it for $114! Yay for deals! 

Notice the bag? I bought it at JCPenny for only $21.99, on sale. Her bags are packed and ready to go!! yay! I know it's early, but like I said I want things DONE! 

Cute lil Owl.
I love it!!

Close up of the bag. I can't believe how great of a price it was.. that's cheap for a Diaper Bag!

I also finished JCLAIRE's wall letters and hung them.

They look a bit small in this picture, but I really love how they turned out! The shadow boxes are super neat!

And here is her closet.
Oh, I made that Hair Bow Holder too. She HAD to have one, you know..

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Crafty Business - More Onesies and BOWS!!

I've had so much creating stuff for the girls! I don't know if all of this qualifies me as "nesting", but i'm definitely loving getting things accomplished. I can't wait to see baby girl decked out in all of her cute things!

My FAV Custom Onesie and matching Bow for JClaire!!
{3 mos}

Custom Onesie for JClaire w/ matching Bow. This one is really hard to get a good picture of. It looks much better in person.
{Newborn, but runs big bc I got it at Hobby Lobby}

Another Custom onesie for Miss JClaire. The Bow is on an alligator clip and removable so she can still wear it when she outgrows the onesie! :)

Carter's Outfit for JClaire w/ matching Bow!

Carter's Outfit for JClaire w/ matching Bow!
{3 mos.}

Love this lil outfit!! I got it at JCPenny's on sale. It's a Newborn,  I hope she can wear it for a little while..I made a Korker Bow to match it.

CRC's Easter Dress and matching Bow.
{I'm in the process of finishing CDCs}

New Bow Wardrobe for J.Claire, but i'm sure all 3 girls will share. Yay!

More Bows! The bottom four {including Piggy Set are for CDC AND CRC}

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Parent Teacher Conference

CDC's PT Conference for PreK was last weekend. I asked Chris to go because I didn't feel well. I knew he'd ask the questions I wanted to know..

She has been acting out and getting quite a few bad notes, so we wanted to ask about that. She also has a very low attention span. She can't focus or concentrate on any one thing for more than a few seconds. It really worries me, but some of my family tends to think I over react.

The teacher told him that she is a very sweet girl and one of the best students..most of the time. She said they all get bad notes from time to time. But that still isn't "OK" with me. I want good notes all the time. I never had bad notes sent home as a child and I don't think it's very good parenting to just accept bad notes from time to time. Just my opinion..

She did say that CDC is very much below grade level at this point. {sad face} Boo! She can only recognize 15 letters out of 54. That's upper and lower case, obviously.. I'm so bummed about this. We work on it consistently, but she just cannot seem to grasp it. She literally doesn't know them.. Then she gets so aggrivated and starts acting out, crying, fidgeting and just gives up. I don't know what I can do..

Just a vent, I guess..

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crafty Business - Onesie for JClaire

The crafty bug has bitten me again. I've been working on some stuff for Miss JClaire

This onesie is my latest finished product. I didn't quite get the ribbon long enough to stretch all the way across after sewing it. But it's still cute! It's a newborn size. I almost want to get her name embroidered and have her wear it home from the hospital with a matching hat and Bow of course! ;)

My mom is coming over today to help me with J.Claire's name letters for her wall. I'm so excited!! I'm also going to make about 5-6 Bows to match some of my favorite outfits of hers. Yay!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Then and Now..

So sweet and precious!

Still Sweet and Precious, but my how time flies..