Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sweet Summertime

We had so many awesome adventures over the summer break. There was lots of pool time, shaved ice, watermelon, and late bedtimes! I had so much fun with these crazy little girls and I'm sad they have already gone back to school. Wish summertime could last forever! But I'm glad we made the most of our time together :) 

{She has a booster, but wasn't using it at this particular moment.}

...and my crazy child :) Always going to be laughing when she is around!

Love this! Sweet sisters laughing together 

My grown up day with a girl friend at her pool, then drinks at On the Border..

Watermelon Margaritas..what!?

My bitty sweetness in her favorite article of clothing this summer! 
"My babysuit"

My three loves stylin'

Our mini pool in our backyard for the summer. The girls loved it!

I'm obsessed...


I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

 Just the cutest baby eating a yummy ice cream cone from Chick Fil A!




My all time favorite picture at the moment. I know she's not smiling and her eyes are closed, but I just love her sheer happiness while enjoying her ice cream! 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

CDC's 7th Spa Day Birthday

CDC turned 7 back in May. I just keep getting further and further behind!
We had a pretty big birthday party for CDC this year. I consider it big due to the amount of squealing little girls I had IN MY HOUSE!
She decided she wanted a spa party where she'd get her nails done and get a facial. Oo La La! I searched Pinterest for weeks prior to her part to get everything just perfect. I found so many super cool ides and could not wait to pull it all together to achieve her theme.
 A local lady made her cake and it turned out perfect!! All of the girls loved the finger nail polish bottles :)
 We had mats laid on the floor for them to lay down. We had calm, flowing waterfall music in the background, dim lights, then gave them each a facial with a mud mask, then placed cucumbers on their eyes. You know they felt soo fancy!
 This was our pedicure station. We soaked their feet in epson salts, then painted their toenails the color of their choice.
 Each guest received a complimentary pair of flip flops
 The tranquility exudes , right? Haha {wink}
 Being pampered is so much fun!
 Even CRC got to participate in the fun. She wasn't near as into it though!
 Then, they all ended the day jumping on the trampoline and opening presents.