Monday, August 29, 2011

JClaire - 3mos old

I can't believe its already been 3 whole months since I first laid eyes on my sweet JClaire. She has blessed my life beyind words. I couldn't ask for a more perfect child.

She loves her Fisher Price Rainforest Swing! She snoozes in it and it allows me to get thing accomplished! Naptime is every few hours for the swing. On the opposite side of the spectrum, JClaire hates her car seat while riding in the car! Oh my goodness, she used to love it and fall sound asleep, but now as soon as she is buckled in, the cries ensue. Grr! I am almost ready to be house bound, just to avoid the car stress! I hope that phase passes quickly.

She only weighs about 10lbs now. She's definitely my little peanut. Most of her Newborn clothes still fit! But I have been able to get her into a few of the 0-3mo outfits.

I'm loving the baby smiles!!! She gets tickled all the time. Such a happy baby girl. The fan is by far her favorite thing to smile at. But I'm pretty popular in her eyes as well :)CDC and CRC can always make her grin too. That is until they start yanking on her legs. Yeesh! Well, that's mostly CRC when she is very tired. I think she's still getting used to having a "baby" sister because she thinks she is still the baby!

Overall, its been wonderful. I can't imagine not having JClaire in our lives! Everyone falls in love with her as soon as they meet her.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CDC's First Day of Kindergarten

My big 5 year old started Kindergarten on August 15 2011. She was so stinkin' excited!! Normally, she is not a morning person and its like peeling her out from under the covers. But on that first day of school, she bounced out of bed and was just as chipper as a little lark.
I had asked her what she wanted to wear on her first day and she said "a dress! A purple one." So I went to Old Navy and found this cute dress and little ballet flats to match. She loved it, thank goodness. Wouldn't want to disappoint her on day 1 of Kinder! I still remember my outfit on that day. Its such a special memory! I hope she will always remember it too :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pic Update

Here is a ton of pictures.. From June 30 to Aug 5. My girls are getting so big and cute as always, of course ;)