Friday, January 31, 2014

5 year old Princess

My Pretty Princess-Loving Girly Girl turned five years old in October and it was harder than I thought it would be. 

As most friends of mine know, CRC has Albinism and vision difficulties so I've always tended to nurture her {some would say "baby"},therefore, I've always thought of her as my "baby!" Even after JClaire was born I couldn't let go of CRC being my baby! For a long time, I wouldn't accept that she was growing up. {Calling myself out again...}I let her have a pacifier for WAY too long. We won't say just how long, but let's just say a LOT of people mentioned it to me and I would always tell them
"She's my baby! She won't go to kindergarten with it!" Haha.. 
But finally, around the time of her fifth birthday, I accepted it and embraced the fact and for that, I learned to respect her brilliance and watch just how mature and smart she had really become! She wasn't/isn't a baby anymore. She's grown into such a smart, quick witted, gorgeous 5 year old little girl. She will start Kindergarten this coming school year and I'm just a little bit emotional about it!

She got her ears pierced this month! She begged me for them and she did so great!

She was the only one that would pose for a picture with me on New Years Eve-2014!

Smiling big and having fun at her Christmas party :)

At the lake scavenger hunt with CDC's Girl Scout Troop 

Sporting some awesome braids. I love love her hair! (Is it ok to be envious of your own child's hair?!)

...and as another mom friend said "Lady Gaga's early years" {Although, I definitely do not want her to turn out like Gaga!}

And hugs for mommy after her Princess Sofia 5th Birthday Party!

Friday... Friday!

While The Sickness is still looming 'round my house, I'm thrilled to welcome the weekend for the simple fact of not stressing about who is going to take off work each day to care for my sick children.

I'm thankful for having so many awesome people in my life that are able to take off work or reschedule work to help me with the girls. Otherwise, I'd probably have lost my job over this week alone. I've only been here for a little over a month so I do not feel comfortable taking off anytime soon! Now when I get those ten paid vacation days, I'll undoubtedly be taking advantage of them!

As for Friday, I have mixed emotions. Although I am happy, happy , happy {Duck Dynasty reference anyone?} about not having to wake up early and crawl out of bed before the crack of dawn.. I also dread the thoughts of the daunting mountains of laundry, the disaster zone that the girls turn our home into, the ridiculous amounts of money I spend, and the tough choice of weekend rest vs. weekend exercise that comes with Friday's. I'm exhausted before the weekend has even begun...

On the other hand, I don't feel so bad for indulging in that third glass of wine that I don't allow myself during the week ;)

Thursday, January 30, 2014


So, there is a huge Kale craze lately and I am definitely on board! I'm a smidge obsessed with it! I eat it almost every day and I've found tons of ways to use it.

A few examples...
Kale Chips baked in the oven with various different seasoning mixtures. 
Chicken Taco Soup with Kale
Quinoa with sautéed Kale and Mushrooms
Egg white omelette with steamed Kale, Tomatoes, Mushrooms and Jalapeños
Green Smoothie with Kale, Pineapples, Plain Greek Yogurt and honey

And my addiction this week is this Kale salad with Cucumber, Broccoli, Slivered Almonds, Golden Raisins and Ceasar Viniagrette salad dressing. YUM! I've eaten it threw days in a row because it is THAT good!

The Sickness

Unless you live in another world, you are aware of the crazy confusing weather we have been getting! In all of my years, I've never been through a more treacherous winter. Not only is the weather colder and more harsh than ever, "The Sickness" is rampant. There have been more Flu deaths this year than I think I've EVER heard of. It is so terrifying! I will call myself out on this one and say that I have never received a Flu Shot and neither have my children, BUT this year, I put and end to that {rather stupid} record. However, all three of my girls are sick anyway! All within the same week, THIS week! 

CRC was the first one to go down.. She started with strep throat and once that round of antibiotics was finished, she woke up with another fever which proved to be a "virus" One of those pesky "Fever Viruses" The Dr thought it could possibly be the Flu, but since they do not treat kids that age, they weren't even going to test her for it. {Lame}
Then, it was CDC who woke up coughing, headaches, and fever... The Dr stated that hers was simply a Sinus Infection and prescribed a ZPack. 
And now, my sweet baby has been target of "The Sickness." She was up ALL night last night complaining of her "face hurting" and pointing to her head and coughing non stop and running a high fever. 
My poor babies. Being a parent is tough enough, but then add sickness on top of everything else and it's almost an impossible feat. Sometimes, I just want to throw my hands up and say "I give up..." But I know I cannot do that. They need me. And I need them to be well! So, here we are... on day 5 {well 14 including CRC's Strep} of "The Sickness" and praying that it hits the road and gets the heck out of dodge! No one deserves to go through this and it seems every family all over the country {dare I say world} is struggling to get well during this time. Winter is gloomy and miserable enough, but add "The Sickness" on top of that and it's downright depressing! 

Come on summer sunshine and 75 degree days! Us Arkansans miss you! We're not made for these low temperatures...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Three Amigos

I figured I'd take a break from finances and share a few updated pictures of my three loves! They are growing so quickly! I love capturing the three of them smiling in one picture! It's a tough job, but sometimes I manage :)

Lunch Break

So, I plan to blog and spill my thoughts in the hour I get for lunch every day. We shall see how that plays out ;)

I'm really into Clean Eating lately  ,so I plan to share TONS of recipes and pictures on here about that because I find myself wanting to share them on Instagram and Facebook and people being appauled and ranting about it. Blah Blah... so I can do what I want here, right? ;)
I've also been trying to exercise vigorously since January 1st. I'll share progress updates and pics at some ponit. Not sure I'm ready for all of that just yet.. haha!

Another fun thought, I'm 27 now... I started my very first blog when I was 21! That's so funny for me think about. I have grown up so much since then and look back and laugh, but appreciate everything I went through to get me where I am today. I try to not have any regrets because they make you who you are, afterall. I mean, some of the clothes and hair styles I have had, I thoroughly regret and tend to throw up a little in my mouth when I see pictures. But other than that, I think of mistakes as life experiences.

Christmas was a blast this past year! It was probably the best ever. I loved seeing the girls' faces when they opened their gifts. I did go a bit overboard in the buying department, but it was worth it! They actually do play with everything too! I'll have to share pictures at some point.

It's almost Valentine's Day now.. that's not a very big blog post. *Rolls eyes* Valentine's Day is never a major thing in my home. It's just such a fake holiday. While, I appreciate roses and candy and all of the other lavish, thoughtful, red gifts... I'd rather receive a gift just because! :)

Anyway, it's almost time to return to the 8-5... at least I take a late lunch and there is only 3 hours left in my day! Then it's off to pick up the girls, cook dinner, clean up, do laundry, give baths, read stories, tuck in bed, exercise, pack lunches for tomorrow, shower, then bed..... Ahhh, the life of a working mom ;) #Loveit #Wouldn'tchangeitfortheworld
Yes, I annoyingly hashtag... Get over it.


Happy 2014!

It is now January 2014 and I officially stink at blogging.

Lots of things have changed since I last blogged. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve and the New Year!

I got a new job and LOVE it! I'm so thankful that I was approached with this job opportunity. I will finally have Health Insurance.. for the first time in 5 years! Whaat?! I know!

A few other things,
CDC will be 8 this year. I do't know why ,but 8 seems like a big deal. It seems really grown up for some reason. Her personality says she is growing up too. She's so mature! It doesn't seem possible that she is so very close to ten years old.. oh and almost as tall as me! {Not that that is saying much, but hey... she's still my baby!}

CRC is 5.5 now and sassy as ever! I don't know who came up with this whole Terrible Two thing, it's more like Terrible 5's! My usual sweet, loveable child has been throwing temper tantrums that I've never seen come out of a child that size! It's CRAZINESS! She is so stubborn and strong willed that I can just see my hair turning gray when she's a teenager. But, alas, she is still the most creative child I know. I can sit and watch her play for hours because she is so imaginative. I love it!

JClaire is a sassafrass at only {almost} 3 years old! She's the most petite little ball of spunk! She demands your attention and is a total hoot! You'd think she'd be similar to either CDC or CRC, but no, she has a personality that is all her own and I love to watch her continue to blossom into her own little person.

Overall, I feel that 2014 is going to be great and I can't wait to see what is in store for all of us.