Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Sick Bug..

My girls have been sick for 2 months, it seems like! Well, just about.. 2 weeks ago, we all had the Stomach Flu. Now everyone has sinus infections and fever. It just wont stop. It's like they are passing everything they can back and forth and i'm SO over it! It needs to LEAVE! It's bad enough when one is sick, but when all of them are at once, it's impossible. I've had to miss several days of work because of it. Which is fine, but I just wish it'd get better soon. :( They act as though Gremlins have overtaken their sweet little bodies! I'm ready for my precious girls to be back. 
I think Jaci Claire is getting teeth right now too! So it's a double whammy of fussy girl! BOO!

Say a prayer for us, please :)

1 comment:

  1. Get well soon!!!
    Your girls are so cute and beautiful (I love the family picture where you wear the grey beanie)and I think it is wonderful that you have a caring boyfriend who accepts your three daughters. It´s amazing. Finally everything seems to be okay for you. I am so happy :)