Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where Did Fall Go?

It is becoming ridiculously cold as of this week! I like cold weather. I love the comfy boots, the fabulous scarves, the long peacoats, and the babies with footie pjs! But, I hate feeling like my nose and fingertips are going to fall off. I must have blinked and missed Fall! What the heck? I'm just not a jacket person. Even though I love how precious they are, I don't want to feel bound, like I can't get away. 

Last week, it warmed up for a brief moment and I thought it was going to be a taste of the Fall we missed. But NO! It's around 34 degrees and attempting to sleet. I just got an email that it's snowing where I live. Ew! I do not want to drive home in that! I still have yet to buy the girls snow boots, hats, and gloves. I'm not ready for the cold of winter. I missed out on FALL!

1 comment:

  1. After a freak October snow storm, it has been unusually warm here. I've actually been enjoying it! I just hope that we don't pay for it later with a spring blizzard.