Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Another Visit to Arkansas Children's Hospital

 {this time, Little Miss had to go}
 She had to have an upper GI and Colonscopy. Poor baby girl. She was definitely not a happy camper, but we got through it.  
 Love this picture of me whispering to her. She's such a sweet baby girl.
 The "Loopy Juice" did it's job. She was all over the place and laughing like crazy. My mom and I felt so bad for taking pictures, but she was hilarious! I took a video as well and she loved watching it back after she was out of the procedure. :)

 My silly monkey in the bars. I have a picture of CRC almost exactly like this when she had her surgery at about the same age. 

 Sweet baby after surgery cuddling her baby doll. She was out for a while and we had to stay in the recovery room for longer than expected because she just didn't want to wake up and eat or drink anything. 
 She just needed a cuddle... 
and a Minnie Mouse balloon! :)

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