Thursday, September 24, 2015

Surviving on Starbucks..and a Prayer

{It's Decaf}

Somewhere around the 9 week mark of this pregnancy, I thought I was going to make it. I had a burst of energy return and the nausea subsided, but then around 11 weeks it returned with a vengeance.
I've, for the past 5 days, been living on Banana Popsicles and frozen Powerade. Yum...
Today though, well last night even, I started to feel like myself again! I had a craving for Chicken N Dumplings!! I haven't eaten those in YEARS. Literally since I was about 12 years old. Plus, I have Celiacs which means no biscuits/dumplings for me. But my amazing husband, because he is amazing, managed to make (from scratch!) homemade GFree chicken and dumplings! It was the most delicious thing I've eaten in weeks! <3 him.
Back to this morning, COFFEE finally has become appealing again. After several weeks of gagging at the mere smell of anything coffee related, I woke up wanting some! NEEDING some!
I remembered I had a Starbucks gift card. {hooray!} So I stopped in on my way to work at got a Decaf Iced Americano with a pump of SF Caramel {and room} Room, ya know, to add Cocounut Milk once I got  here! FABULOUS!! *Happy Dance* It's so tasty..and dairy free!  

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