Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I've been out for a week or so huh? I've got to get the internet back on at my apartment. Otherwise, i never have free time to come by the cafe and update.

Everything has been going relatively well. Other than Saturday. I woke up Sat morning bleeding and cramping. I don't mean spotting either.. I almost didn't go to the hospital because it was CRCs second birthday party (yes, she turned 2!! I'll write a post on that soon) But my mom finally talked me into going.

I showed up at 10:40am. Thankfully, the girls were with Chris for the weekend. They started by doing a pelvic exam and drawing blood. They drew it out of my hand to start off. I sat around and waited for about an hour, then they finally came back in just to tell me they needed more blood. What?! So, this time they drew it out of my arm{thank goodness!} After that hour was almost up, they ordered an u/s. Which I was super happy about, but I also needed to get to the birthday party! It was at 2pm and they ordered the u/s at 1:45. We had to call and tell everyone just to wait it out, i'd be there soon. So.. the u/s showed that the baby was doing well. He/She had a heartbeat of 167. They said it'll go down as time goes on, but CDC's hb was always that high. What it did show though, was a hemorrage behind the baby where it had pulled away from the uterus wall a little. I think they were worried about a miscarriage if it happened again, so they told me to "take it easy" Don't pick up the girls, don't be running around, up and down stairs, no caffeine, and to drink a pint of water a day. :( They finally let me leave at 3:00.

I'll do anything I can to keep this baby safe, but it's so difficult being a "single" mom, working on my feet for 8 hours, and living upstairs in an apartment. Blah! Everyone has been helping out though.  I have an appt to see the OB doctor on Nov 4th, so we'll see what he says and go from there.

This almost feels like dejavu when I was pregnant with CDC. I had Placenta Previa and bled on and off with her and was put on bedrest for about 2 months. Only this time, they can't call it Previa because it's so early and there's really nothing they can do if my body decides to miscarry.

Here's a pic of bump. I know it's dark.. all these pics are from my phone.
Just an update. I'll try to get back more often and with more pics!


  1. How far are you? I am so glad you are ok! I had some light spotting with both of my pregnancies... its never fun to go in.

  2. I hope everything goes smoothly from now on. I had previa with Kendall and the amount of blood was just unbelievable (and scary). Praying for you.

    Cute bump!

  3. So glad everything is ok!! Scary! Rest up but I know that is really hard with 2!! When are you due?

  4. How scary. Hope everything continues to be ok! Praying for you!

  5. Kaycee -

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