Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Parade and Fair Came to Town!

With all of my anxiety and emotions swirling around with these test results, I've lacked on blogging about the girls and fun stuff!

So much has happened in the passed two weeks! The first Razorbacks game and tailgate party, my birthday(post n pics to come), and the fair and parade came to town! We had so much fun!!

We made it to both in one night! The parade was kind of blah..just a small town parade with tons of beauty queens marching bands and firetrucks :) Then we went to the fair. My dad had a booth in the fair so he got FREE wristbands for the girls to ride all of the rides. They rode every single kiddie ride and had a blast! We stayed out until 10pm. Oops! :) Oh! And both girls and myself were caught on camera by the local news. So cool!!

I always love when the fair comes to town! Corndogs, caramel apples and lemonade are a must! I'm so happy the girls can join in on the tradition! Now to wait for the state fair!

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  1. Such a lovely family. Your girls are so beautiful and so are you.
    I am still keeping you in my prayers and I am happ to read that the lesion wasn´t that bad :)