Monday, May 23, 2011

JClaire is Here!! With Birth Story

Welcome to the world Jaci Claire!! 
May 23, 2011

Miss Jaci Claire made her appearance today.
Weight: 5lbs 15oz
Length: 19inches
Time: 4:47pm

I had a very very difficult labor, that is full of twists and turns.
It all started this morning when I came into be induced. I didn't feel like I was going to have a baby was just weird, like I was going to stay pregnant forever. I wasn't contracting and only dilated to a 1 {don't ask me how when I thought I was at least a 2 as of my last Dr's appt} We got all of the paper work done by about 5:30am, the nurse started the Pitocin at 6:00am on a light drip and I started feeling contractions almost immediately. They weren't bad at all. I managed pretty well if I do say so myself.. The doctor came in at 9:45am and broke my water. After that, the contractions intensified! I almost couldn't bare it. 

The nurse informed me that I could get an Epidural at any time, but I didn't want it until I felt like I had to have it. She went ahead and ordered it for me though.. I was a nervous wreck! I hate Epidurals. They scare the crap out of me. I had problems with them before and was terrified I would again. Anyway, I knew I had to have one. So, in walks this Anesthesiologist who looked like he was a couple years older than me, if that. I was even more nervous just looking at him. I told him that I had been told both times previously that I have bad scar tissue in my back and it's hard to administer the epi. Sure enough, I was right. It took SO long to get the Epidural in place. I started sweating profusely and had to have a fan to cool me down during the process. After it was over, the nurse told me that he was a student!!! A STUDENT!! I was like "Thank God you didn't tell me that before he came in. I would have freaked!" But I must admit he did a better job than both of my past experiences. Go student Anesthesiologist! 

My right leg immediately took to it, but my left had some problems. I had to turn on my left side to try and even them out. I could finally tolerate the contractions, which was great! However, they didn't make the Epi very strong and it kept trying to wear off. I could feel my legs throughout the whole day. But, like I said I could manage the contractions. They were coming hard and fast too! It was crazy how quickly they were coming. I think it got to 1 minute apart. I was dilated to a 4-5 for a long time, which really surprised me because I progressed so quickly with both of my big girls. I think I finally made it to a 5 around noon and stayed there until 3. Then I needed Zofran at around 1:40 because I was so nauseous. It was because the Epi was wearing off again and I could feel everything. 

 I really thought things would start to progress at that point, but we got some bad news! SCARY news!! JClaire's heart rate wasn't acting weird. It dropped with every contraction. The nurse told us it was most likely because her Umbilical Cord was wrapped tightly around her neck and wouldn't let her drop into position. It scared me so badly that I was shaking uncontrollably. My parents were freaking out because I simply could not control my nerves. I really thought I'd have to have a CSection. The nurse kept a very close eye on JClaire's heart as well as me.She had to totally shut the Pitocin off and make sure her heart rate would stabilize. It did, but the contractions stopped as well. I felt defeated!!! She checked me at 2:54 and i was dilated to a 7 even with no contractions coming. She had me alternate laying on each side and wear an Oxygen mask for an hour or so to see if it would help Jaci's heart rate. It did a little bit. Mostly when I laid on my right side. Then at 4:10, she started the Pitocin again. I was dilated to an 8. Things went FAST after that. 

When she checked me at an 8, I was thinking "Oh gosh, it's going to be a minute." Mom said "You will have her by 4:30pm" but I was being a pessimist and thought "No it'll be 6:30!" Then at 4:22, I started feeling pressure, major pressure! I knew that feeling! Mom went to find the nurse and have her check me again. She said "You're at a 9. I bet you'll be ready in about 30 minutes." I said "No! Stay close because it'll happen fast." She laughed at me... Mistake Miss Nurse, Mistake! Ha! At 4:27pm, I felt BAD pressure! I'm talking worse than I ever felt before with any of the girls. My Epidural had almost completely worn off and I felt everything! I said "MOM!! It hurts!" She ran to get the nurse and the nurse didn't believe us that it had happened that fast. She checked and said "Oh! You're right, we'll get stuff together. Do NOT push!" I thought I could follow those rules, but to my surprise, I could not! JClaire was ready! After a full day of hanging out in there, she wanted out! The nurses were scrambling to get things ready and they paged the Dr. But I couldn't wait! I had my legs crossed and was screaming "MOM!! Help!" They kept telling me "Take deep breaths. DON'T push!!!" I was getting very angry because I could not help it. I said "Ok i'm not pushing, but she is coming on her own!!" The nurse checked and sure enough, Jaci's head was right THERE! The doctor finally bolted in, threw on some sterile clothes and said "Ok push!" I pushed for literally about 15 seconds and her head was OUT! In no time! Then, he said "Do NOT push! The cord is wrapped around her neck." And he took care of it. Then said push again and her body was out within seconds. Easy peasy!! She was a tiny little thing and came out with no pain for me. I didn't tear at all or need stitches. I felt amazing after I had her. She's totally perfect and gorgeous!!! It was a rough, long day, but she is absolutely worth it and i'm so thankful and blessed God watched over her and ensured that she was safe and healthy.

She came out screaming! As soon as she got the cord cut from around her neck, she started crying and didn't stop until she was placed in my arms. It was so amazing. She instantly recognized my voice and opened her eyes and just stared at me and listened. 

My grandma and dad seeing JClaire for the first time.

Me with my sweet girl. I was so swollen and still am a little.. the light makes my face look awful too. Ha

She moved her little face toward me and made a grunt when mom took this picture. 

My big girls came to see their new little sister. They loved her!!! Especially CRC. She did not want to put her down and wanted to take her home tonight!

CDC wasn't as thrilled, but still got excited holding her. 

She went to the nursery for a few hours, but came back to me around 8pm. She found her little finger and sucked on it. Precious!


Sweet, sleeping baby girl.

 Look at those perfect little lips!! :) She looks so much like I did as a baby. Aw!


  1. She is beautiful! What an incredible story! I never understand why nurses don't believe you when you tell them the baby is there or you need to push!! Sheesh! Congrats again! Can't wait to watch her grow in pictures! :)

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  3. Congratulations!
    She is so beautiful :)

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  5. She is beautiful, Congratulations!

  6. She is perfect! I'm so happy for you! You look beautiful! :)


  7. She is beautiful! Congrats!!

  8. She is so precious! Thank you for sharing your story with us. :)

  9. Congratulations Kaycee!!! She is just perfect!!

    I just realized Kaycee rhymes with Jaci...heehee...

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  12. Beautiful! You did a good job! I'm sorry it was a bit rough for you, but it was well worth it. She's so cute!

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  14. Welcome to the world Jaci Claire!
    She's just beautiful!
    Congratulations Kaycee, I'm so thrilled for you!

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