Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Sickness

Unless you live in another world, you are aware of the crazy confusing weather we have been getting! In all of my years, I've never been through a more treacherous winter. Not only is the weather colder and more harsh than ever, "The Sickness" is rampant. There have been more Flu deaths this year than I think I've EVER heard of. It is so terrifying! I will call myself out on this one and say that I have never received a Flu Shot and neither have my children, BUT this year, I put and end to that {rather stupid} record. However, all three of my girls are sick anyway! All within the same week, THIS week! 

CRC was the first one to go down.. She started with strep throat and once that round of antibiotics was finished, she woke up with another fever which proved to be a "virus" One of those pesky "Fever Viruses" The Dr thought it could possibly be the Flu, but since they do not treat kids that age, they weren't even going to test her for it. {Lame}
Then, it was CDC who woke up coughing, headaches, and fever... The Dr stated that hers was simply a Sinus Infection and prescribed a ZPack. 
And now, my sweet baby has been target of "The Sickness." She was up ALL night last night complaining of her "face hurting" and pointing to her head and coughing non stop and running a high fever. 
My poor babies. Being a parent is tough enough, but then add sickness on top of everything else and it's almost an impossible feat. Sometimes, I just want to throw my hands up and say "I give up..." But I know I cannot do that. They need me. And I need them to be well! So, here we are... on day 5 {well 14 including CRC's Strep} of "The Sickness" and praying that it hits the road and gets the heck out of dodge! No one deserves to go through this and it seems every family all over the country {dare I say world} is struggling to get well during this time. Winter is gloomy and miserable enough, but add "The Sickness" on top of that and it's downright depressing! 

Come on summer sunshine and 75 degree days! Us Arkansans miss you! We're not made for these low temperatures...

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