Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Go-To Snack and Progress

Dark Chocolate Almond Milk and Plain Greek Yogurt with fresh strawberries, dark Chocolate chips and a drizzle of honey! 

Ohmigosh, the almond milk is divine! I am absolutely obsessed with this stuff! Literally, I drink it at breakfast, after diner and for a snack. Sigh... It's ridiculously addictive. And the yogurt isn't bad itself, but I'm not as partial to it. I could live without it, buuut I'm not gonna because it makes for a perfect treat. 

I've been eating really clean and healthy and kicking my own a$$ working out and  finally feeling some progress. I haven't weighed myself (because I just can't go there), but I can tell my clothes are fitting better and my overall muscle tone is changing. I love seeing results! :)

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