Friday, March 21, 2014

My Own Elsa and Ana

Yes, we (we, meaning I) are still on a Frozen kick at my house. I am obsessed with that movie!! The music, the characters, and the overall moral of the story! 

My girls don't so much remind me of the characters, but in a way, I can relate them to each other. Obviously their hair color is drastically different like Ana and Elsa. But other than physically, my big girls have their arguments, their differences, their own unique personalities, but at the end of the day they love each other SO stinkin much, it amazes me. I don't understand that sister bond, but these two completely have it. They may want to rip each other's faces off during the day, but every morning when I go in to wake them, I find them curled up with each other snuggling. It melts my heart every time! I'm so thankful they are so close and I know it'll only grow with time.
They are equally close with JClaire bear, but since these two have the same dad etc.. they spend much more time together and also, they've obviously been together longer :)

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