Thursday, March 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Monday was the great Dr. Seuss' birthday! What a cool dude he was. I'm obsessed with his creative books, cooky rhymes, and unique characters.
CDC's school was celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday by letting the kids dress up as a character from one of his books. They were supposed to dress up on Monday, but guess what? We were out of school Monday and Tuesday due to a horrific ICE storm. Yes ICE, remember we never get snow... So, all of us parents agreed we would send our kids to school dressed up on Wednesday. We spent money on their outfits and the kids were excited about their costumes all weekend, so we figured it couldn't hurt to send them dressed up on Wed. :)
My girl chose Cindy Lou Who, whom I absolutely adore! She's precious and CDC made the PERFECT little Who!
I used a red curtain that I found on sale at Target for her cape. They were two for $4.98 on the sale rack! Heck yeah. I don't know that I will use the curtains in my home, but hey, I have the option if I ever decide to. And for her hair, I sectioned off the top part from the bottom, then sectioned that into 3 smaller sections and teased it to the moon, then I put a small sippy cup(the bottom part) in between the sections of hair. Then, pulled the hair up and around the cup and secured with a pony tail holder. I wanted to curl the remaining pieces at the top, but I ran out of time, so I looped them around and secured into place with bobby pins. And for the bottom, I parted and braided each side with a pipe cleaner tied in to help the braids stand up. Then pinned them to her head.
CDC was so giddy and LOVED her hair! I think she and all of her friends had a great day. :)