Thursday, April 14, 2011

34 Weeks..

{34 Weeks}
Taken with my phone this week..

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 34 Weeks 
Size of baby: 18 inches and  4 3/4 lbs
About the size of a Cantaloupe
Total Weight Gain: 34lbs .. shoot me, please!
Maternity Clothes: Yes, yes! 
I've even been wearing a lot more of the what we call "stretchy pants" lately :)
Gender: GIRL!!!!! JClaire
Movement: Movement is slowing down a little..
The movement has become very painful!! It's like she ran out of room in my belly area and has moved to my sides almost all the way around to my back!!
Sleep: Actually been good this week.
What I miss: I miss EVERYthing!!!! 
Especially not counting down the days to have a baby.
Cravings: Cinnamon Rice Chex
Symptoms: ..nothing
What I’m looking forward to: Wearing a bathing suit



  1. You are so cute! And shut your face I'm only 31 weeks and I'm up 40 lbs- seriously! :(

  2. You're lucky to be so close to meeting your sweet baby girl. I am preggo with my third girl too, but I am only 21 weeks . :(