Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Drop

I have felt great for about a week, other than being Siiick! Things changed last night.

All day yesterday I felt funky, just not right.. I don't know what triggered it or brought it on or whatever, but I just felt off. I could barely walk without bending over in pain. Little baby limbs were poking out everywhere and causing me much pain.

Last night, when I went to bed {early like 9:30} I could not get comfortable. It didn't matter which side or position I laid in, I hurt. I felt nauseous. My lower back killed! Then it started. I had unbearable contractions that lasted for about 45 minutes. It seemed like there was no break in between either.. like one straight contraction, cramps, lower back pain. I was sweating and almost crying. I almost got up to go to the hospital, but then it abruptly stopped. I don't know how, but it did.. I wanted to punch something. That pain was just too much to be BH ctx.

My next Dr. appt is tomorrow at 11am. I thought about calling them today, but haven't decided whether or not it's worth it. I'm sure they'll say it's nothing and that i'll just have to deal with it.

Point is, I definitely think JClaire has dropped! My belly looks so much different this week and like I said there are baby parts poking out everywhere and it's so painful!! She is nowhere near my ribs. It's all low! I feel everything in my pelvis and on my sides. So weird and uncomfortable. It's funny though, I can actually see a glimpse of my "abs" again. :)

Took this pic today along with the rest of my 35Wk pics for Thursday..
I guess she doesn't look that much lower, but definitely bigger!

Oh and a side note, this is my 100th post! Yay!


  1. Woohoo! That's so exciting! I can't wait until I'm at that point :)

  2. yay for 100 posts...yay for baby Jaci Claire..she will be here before you know it :)

  3. that EXACT same thing happened to me! it was a tuesday night, i felt super uncomfortable, bloated and could not do anything with ease. that's why i remember the night so well! when i went in on a thursday i found out baby had flipped. i am positive he did it that tuesday night because i had been great up until then and great after that night.
    hope you are feeling better soon hun! it's been one thing after another for you :(

  4. Honestly, I would at least call...I hate to say it, but you might need to be put on bedrest for a while...she can't come yet...eventhough I can't wait to see how beautiful she is. Hang in there momma...prayers to you and Jaci Claire!

  5. I had this sort of pain with my third babe. I just knew that pain had to be labor...and then the doc told me Braxton Hicks contractions increase in intensity and pain with each pregnancy....

    There were about 3 weeks I was in so much pain, I thought it was labor...but it's likely your body getting prepared for the real thing.

    But, if your gut tells you differently, do NOT feel bad about calling!!
    Hope some of the discomfort eases up a bit!!

  6. All I can say is you look AMAZING!! I sure wish I would look that cute at the end of my pregnancy. I am only 22 weeks along (my third girl also) and I am already HUGE! Good luck, those last few weeks sure are miserable. Sounds like she will come early though.

  7. Haven't heard from you in a week or so....Everything alright?

    Also...You won a Stylish Blogger award on my blog...come check it out!


  8. Oh my god. I found your blog again - after ONE year. And so much happened in your life. I was shocked when I read through everything.
    But it seems as if you are really happy at the moment and congratulations on your pregnancy a liiiittle late *haha*

    I am so glad that I found you again <3

  9. Have been following your blog for a while (starting with the first one you started) and I have been checking in to see how you've been.. I am praying things are well since you haven't posted in a while..
    Take care and prayers from South Carolina!

  10. Hey Kaycee! So did you have that little girl yet? I noticed you haven't posted in a while. I hope everything is ok!

  11. Has baby jaci claire arrived ? Its been a while since
    You updated I thought I would finally comment
    And check up on you :)
    Happy mothers day