Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Parent Teacher Conference

CDC's PT Conference for PreK was last weekend. I asked Chris to go because I didn't feel well. I knew he'd ask the questions I wanted to know..

She has been acting out and getting quite a few bad notes, so we wanted to ask about that. She also has a very low attention span. She can't focus or concentrate on any one thing for more than a few seconds. It really worries me, but some of my family tends to think I over react.

The teacher told him that she is a very sweet girl and one of the best students..most of the time. She said they all get bad notes from time to time. But that still isn't "OK" with me. I want good notes all the time. I never had bad notes sent home as a child and I don't think it's very good parenting to just accept bad notes from time to time. Just my opinion..

She did say that CDC is very much below grade level at this point. {sad face} Boo! She can only recognize 15 letters out of 54. That's upper and lower case, obviously.. I'm so bummed about this. We work on it consistently, but she just cannot seem to grasp it. She literally doesn't know them.. Then she gets so aggrivated and starts acting out, crying, fidgeting and just gives up. I don't know what I can do..

Just a vent, I guess..


  1. Have you had her tested for a learning disability? It runs in my family so I totally understand your frustration!

  2. I wouldn't worry about it too much. She'll get it! Maybe try doing an activity related to each letter. Sometimes that helps. Here's a link to some alphabet pages I did with my girls. It really helped them recognize their letters.

  3. Thanks yall!
    No, we haven't had her tested for a learning disability yet, but I feel that it is necessary. I have always said that, but like I said, everyone tends to think I over react. :(

    Thanks Sandy. I'll check that out!

  4. Kaycee-we have this exact same problem with Kirsten who is the same age..she will be in Kindergarten this fall! I am going to check out those pages for Kirsten too! Just wanted to let you know you are not alone :)

    Good Luck!

  5. Hey,

    Have you had her eyes checked??
    My niece who lives with my started Kindergarten way below but we have been working our buts off everynight. Make it fun for example, flash card with letters on them and match up the big and lower letter, sing songs that have the sounds of each letter in them, hang up poasters with letters on them. I can always email you copies of my niece's school papers????

  6. LeapFrog Letter Factory, Word Factory DVD's are so great! Every child I know who has used them has loved them and learned so much. Should be able to find them at Walmart or Target. Hope that helps. Hang in there.

  7. Kaycee, I just thought of something else that might help as well. It's a site that teaches letter recognition as well as sounds. Here's the link.

  8. Kaycee, she is still young and has plenty of time. Some kids are ready before others...some need more time.One piece of advice that I always give parents (I am a Kindergarten and first grade Literacy teacher) is to make learning as FUN as possible!

    I also agree with the Leapfrog and suggestions. They are both great! Devin has loved them both and learned tons from them.

    Email me if you'd like more ideas/to talk more.

  9. We had quite a bit of success with the preschool prep company's meet the letters dvds. My daughter is a visual/auditory learner and this one worked. They also have meet the sight words and meet the colors.

  10. That sounds exactly like what I went through last year with Aidan. He had to repeat Kindergarten, but this year he is doing much better. He was diagnosed with ADHD. I would try talking to her Doctor about getting a referral to get her tested.