Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tattoos and Baby Shoes

I don't think I've ever talked much about my tattoos on this blog or my past blogs. So there's no better time than now.

I'm not sure I come across as a "tattooed mom" and that's fine because I don't want them to define me by any means. But I do like them. 

Currently, I have 3 Tattoos. 

For my first, I got the very oh.so.unique lower back tattoo. Aka "Tramp Stamp", if you will..when I was only 16! What a mistake.. No one under the age of 21 should get a tattoo. {lol, speaking for myself anyway} It is pretty, though, i'll give myself that bit of credit. It's a big flower with vines coming off of it. Honestly, I couldn't even tell you what color it is because I never see it!! I think purple..haha!

My second, I got at the tender age of 17!! {Thanks to my MOM for taking me to get both before I was 18..ha! She was the coolest mom on the block!} It's strategically placed on my left inner hip. Nice, right? {wink} It's a Chinese symbol that is meant to read "Beautiful" with a sort of abstract sun around it. It's all black. No color. I learned after that one that I liked all black tattoos best. Color fades!

My third, I had been thinking about for a couple of years. I just got it last August 2010. I knew what I wanted, where I wanted it, I just needed to get up the courage and I finally did. It's the one pictured above, on my left wrist. It's a picture of a heart, made up of two music symbols, a Treble Clef and Bass Clef, with two stars on the side. Let me explain it now. I have been very depressed at various ages in my life. I don't know why I suffer from depression, but I do and most likely always will. The only thing that pulls me out of it is music. {Don't get me wrong, I turn to God and pray about my struggles also} I'm a music fanatic. I enjoy just about anything. But it genuinely means something to me to hear the words to a song. They empower me in some sort of way. Anyway, so I wanted the music symbols to create a heart, meaning me. The stars outside the heart represent my girls. The dark heart is for CDC and the white one, for CRC. Can you guess why I chose to leave it white? Because of her Albinism, of course :) 

I absolutely love this tattoo. It has great meaning and importance to me. I wish i'd thought before I got the first two, but I didn't and they are there, but at least I now have one that I will never get tired of looking at. After JClaire is born, I plan to go get another star added to it. 

Oh and the baby shoes were just precious! I took a picture of them because I wanted them and just so happened to get the tat in the picture. I liked it.. kind of artsy, you know..


  1. Love the picture! Shoes are super cute and Jaci Claire will be such a stylish little girl. I can't wait to get another tattoo. I love the simplicity of yours but yet it's so meaningful.

  2. I love your tattoo!! I have one on my foot but I have always wanted another one, and one that represented my kids. Funny enough I want it on my wrist like yours is, and I was thinking I wanted stars!! :o) Idk when I will get up the nerve (or money) to do something like that again, but hopefully some day I will! Anyways, think your tat is a really neat and sweet story. I love the meanings behind those things!

  3. I have one tattoo on my right foot that was a poorly thought out {and done!} college mistake. I've wanted to get it fixed for years but somehow never get around to it.