Thursday, April 14, 2011


Just about everyone I know has a Facebook page. Even my dad! And that's saying a lot because he doesn't know the first thing about computers.. Anyway, I've had a page since early 2007 and i'm on it and updating every single day. However, recently I've realized I wanted to be a bit more private from some people "in my life" I put that in quotations because they aren't involved in my life at all, but they are connected to me in a way. I'm not sure I should go into all of the specifics, but let's just say I wasn't comfortable with them even possibly knowing things about me or the baby. So I deleted my Facebook page. I did create a new one, but it's very private and i'm not mentioning anything about the baby or when she's due. If you were my friend on the old one and want to be on the new one, you may email me at kaycee cook {at} att {dot} net without the spaces and parenthesis.

I'm not very open with any of my personal life here on my blog. I've been through many ups and downs in the past year and I just don't feel a lot of my "readers" or people in general would understand. None of you know what's going in with me personally and that's ok.. Someday, I may choose to share where i'm at and who I am personally and relationship wise, but for now, just know i'm just a mom to {almost} 3 girls! And that's all that matters.


  1. Facebook can get so drama filled sometimes. Its never good mixing that many different people up in one place ;-)

  2. I've never commented on your blog but I've been reading it for a while now,I wouldn't know about you on Facebook.
    Say or give price what you feel comfortable with on this blog. I enjoy reading about your life. We're the same age, live in different countries and lead 'opposite' lives but I really like your attitude and how you go about and tackle things

  3. I've been cleaning mine up..I have a link to my FB on my blog and I like to meet bloggers..but Ive been a little more careful lately. :)
    I don't know you or what you are going through, but I will definetely pray for you.:)

  4. Kaycee, I have been through a lot this year, too. I actually went through something very difficult just this last Sunday and only 2 of my closest friends know. Sometimes you just can't share everything in your life. I am also going through a divorce, and I just find it is very personal so I don't share everything. I think everyone will respect your decisions.

  5. If you're happy, then we're happy Kaycee! :-D