Friday, August 7, 2015

Busy Season - School, Cheer, and the Like

It's the time of year when all of the lacksadasical plans turn to complete chaos. 

This year, all three of my girls will be in school{plus Braylee}.
That means 3x the school supplies, 3x the school clothes(!), 3x the Open House, 3x the first day of school, 3x the enrichment fees, 3x everything that is chaos, plus Cami's 2x/week cheer practices, soon to be football games, and all of the extras!

This week alone, we have had 2 cheer practices, 3 nights of VBS for all of the girls, and Cheer Orientation.

We turned in our raffle money and received Cami's uniform and Cheer Bow, just to turn around and be told that they were ordering a warm up suit(pants and jacket) to go over their uniforms. It's not mandatory that each girl have one and you also have the option to just buy the jacket or just buy the pants. That fun little outfit is $65. Of course I'm not going to be the evil mother whose child is the only one not getting a warm up, so there's that... Thankfully, though,  they're offering a car wash for the kids to participate in to raise money for their warm ups.{We're TOTALLY in on that!} 

Next week, Cami has practie Monday and Tuesday, Tuesday also happens to be Carrah and JClaire's open house, then Thursday is Cami's open house. There, not only will we meet one teacher for my fourth grade child, but also, meet THREE other teachers and ROTATE classes like she will be doing all school year. Yes, I said that. Fourth graders are now in middle school and have an uber strict dress code and rotate classes. Never in my life did I think I would witness these kinds of rules from our tiny town and school district. The same school that had 56 kids in my graduating class. ;) I'm not complaining, though. Really, I'm not. It is a great thing to teach them early and to have a dress code for everyone to be held accountable... it's just really hard to find shorts the correct length for a long legged 9 year old! Oy vey!

The following week SCHOOL STARTS! Ensue all of the more chaos that comes along with that. J-O-Y! Love my babies though and they're #worthit 

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