Monday, August 10, 2015

Ghost{s} of Birthdays Past

I hadn't blogged in so long, I wanted to update my page with pictures from the girls' birthdays the past year.
Carrah turned 6 last year {it's nearly her birthday again!} and we celebrated at a local Pumpkin Patch since she has a Fall birthday! She is a Minecraft girl, so of course, we had to find everything Minecraft themed for her special day.
{How cute was she missing her two front teeth!?}

Then came Cami's birthday. She turned 9!! The last year before double digits. This made me a bit emotional. She's getting so big, birthdays are becoming less fun for ME! She doesn't want all of the fru fru glitzy decorations. She'd rather just have fun with her friends.
However, she did give me a theme to work with. She wanted school colors and chevron! DONE! She had a pool party since she is a summer baby!


For my tiny baby's birthday, it had to be Peppa Pig! This is basically all we get to watch in our house. Peppa Pig dominates..and this little girl runs the house. JClaire turned 4 years old! We had a backyard BBQ and swimming party at our house for her celebration.
 My mom helped me make the decorations extra special for this birthday. It was a Pinterest kind of birthday party!

Birthdays are always a ton of fun in our family! I procrastinate and wait until the last minute to plan things and get things together, but once I start, I am in full force mode to get it all finished and looking amazing! Can't wait to see what the girls choose for their next birthdays.

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