Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Last Week of Summer Activities

I think I mentioned last week how busy we have been! We've had open houses, orientations, practices, etc..
This past week was the busiest yet! Two cheer practices, PreK and 1st Grade Open House on Tuesday night, then 4th grade (MIDDLE SCHOOL) Open House on Thursday night, which, by the way, was two hours long.{oy vey!} We rotated classes like the kids will be doing. It was very informational and I think it's a great idea. It'll keep them from getting bored and in a learning rut. I just pray the homework isn't too overwhelming!
 The girls also went to Vacation Bible School at some friends of ours' church. They had a wonderful time! It's one of the few times that all three of the girls enjoyed doing the same thing!

Open house for the girls!

Carrah got the teacher she wanted and she has several of her BFFs in her class. She loves learning and is the most eager to get back in the groove of studying and reading. Both her teacher and principal are amazing and formulated a special learning plan just for Carrah to better help with her vision and learning in class. She gets a front row seat next to the board and has a few other tools to benefit her specifically.

My sweet tator tot sitting at her PreK table! She was so excited to see her classroom and meet her teachers.
This open house was a booger! Cami loved it and was thrilled to see all of her friends in one place again, but switching four classes was chaos for a bunch of fourth graders. All of the teachers had different rules, lessons, assignments, etc.. I pray that it flows smoothly and we do not have drama!
They decided to hang out in the back pack cubbies. So cute!

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