Friday, August 21, 2015

First Day of School - Monday 8.17

This is the most exciting , overwhelming, anticipated day of the year (other than Christmas) I have such great kids who love school and eagerly wake up to get back into the groove.
We've talked about the impending first day so much in the past few weeks so I feel like they were truly prepared. Even Jaci Claire was beyond ready to get there and be in big girl school for the first time.

Honestly, I had stayed up so late Sunday night getting everything ready and prepared that we did not have to wake up super early like I had originally planned. All of their clothes were laid out for the entire week, lunches packed, backpacks hung on the hangers ready to go, etc.. Literally, all they had to do was wake up, get their clothes on and wait for me to fix their hair. It went so smoothly, in fact, that we were the FIRST ones in the drop off line. Mom score!
Since it was the first day, I parked and walked the girls to their classrooms. JClaire ran immediately to her seat and was ready for the day. Her teachers gave her a hug and she could not have been more thrilled to meet and greet all of the other students walking in. She waved "Bye!" to me like it was no big deal at all.

I then walked Carrah to her class and she went straight to her seat as well, got out her box of crayons and started coloring the picture the teacher had waiting for her. She gave me a hug and said she was fine and excited for her day.

At the same time, Cami was fidgeting and ready to get to her class. Fourth grade is big kid status... I honestly thought she was "too cool" for mom to walk her to her class. While waiting to walk Carrah into her class, Cami said
"Do I go?" and looked extremely nervous, so
I said "Yes that's fine, go ahead to your class."
 She took off , half sprinting, down the hall.
I said  "Hey! Give me a hug!"
So she came back and without taking her eyes from the end of the hallway, gave me a quick hug and was off.. .
Well I later found out after school that she was really upset and her feelings had been hurt that I didn't walk her to her class. It broke my heart!! I felt so guilty and promised her I'd make it up to her.
{My friend took this pic for me}
:( That is the worst feeling as a parent, knowing that you inadvertently made your child feel sad and less important than her siblings. Made me nauseous! But later that night, she forgave me and told me it was OK and she had a fantastic day regardless of the anxious morning.
It is now Friday and we nearly made it completing an entire week; however, Carrah and Cami both got a Stomach Bug and had to miss a day of school. They both woke up vomitting. Pretty sad that school JUST started and they already caught something. Boo! Everyone is feeling better now, though, and we're prepared for this school year!
Let's go 2015-2016!

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