Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crafty Business

Jaci Claire's adorable little onesie. :)

I'e been feeling rather artsy and crafty lately, so i've become friends with my sewing machine again.. I wanted to make some stuff for the girls, as best I knew how. My first few tries were fails, but I learned tricks along the way and i'm really excited with how "Jaci's" name onesie turned out {above}What I do is draw what I want on a notepad, then transfer it to Wax Paper for a make shift pattern, then cut it out on fabric, then sew it on. Voila!!

Here's a "C" shirt for Cami

"C" shirt for Carrah

"J" onesie for Jaci Claire

Diaper/Wipe case with cross. {The cross wasn't yet sewn on in this picture}

View of the inside, holding a Newborn {sooo sweet!} diaper. :)


  1. Very nice! I have been wanting to get a sewing machine for a while so I can make some things like that for my girls, but I just haven't "found" the extra money to do it.

  2. Way cute!
    Keep up the good work!