Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break

Spring Break is here! CDC is out of school this week and she is so excited about it! She's only in Pre-K , but already looking forward to her days off.. We spent the first day, Monday, of Spring Break at the park. We packed a little picnic for ourselves, took some Sidewalk Chalk and made a day out of it. The girls had a blast and we are having absolutely perfect weatherr!!

My skinny little minnies.. :)

Drawing herself. My, what big eyes you have!

CRChad fun simply drawing straight lines all over the place..

Tuesday, we headed to a different park,b ut it was so crazy packed we couldn't even find a parking spot!! So we went to the "baby store" aka Babies R Us to get a few more things for JClaire. {I'll post pics of the nursery and all of her goodies soon! I'm SO excited ab them all!!} Then later, we went back to the park. After that I had to go to work. Booo!! I am loving this weather though!! Nothing can bring me down.

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  1. Nice weather is a great mood booster! Unfortunately, after a few days of gorgeous sunny weather, we were hit with another snow storm. :0(