Monday, March 21, 2011

Baby Shower!

I had my baby shower on 03/20/11 at 30.5 weeks pregnant. It was thrown by my mom and step sister. 
We decided to have the shower at my work. It's a convenient location for everyone and there is an outside deck with glass tables and umbrellas. My boss was nice enough to come and open on a Sunday for us to have it there. It all turned out super cute and went very smoothly. I didn't even expect to have a shower for my 3rd Girl! So it was a very welcomed party. :) The theme was pink/green with Owls. Because that is what Miss JClaire's room is decorated with.. My favorite part of the shower was the party favors my mom made. They can be seen above hanging from the tree. They are little felt owls. She spent a ton of time making them! I/Jaci got tons of adorable stuff at the shower. I feel so blessed to have such a great family and great friends that I work with!
One down side to the party, no pics of ME! Boo!! lol.. I took one of myself before I left on my phone. I may be able to post it on here later..

Here's the cake my step sister had made and the green punch in the back ground. They were both yummy!!

Gift table..


Here's a close up of one of the favors.. One of the girls from work hung it from her bottle.. ;) 

JClaire's loot! So blessed!!

These are JUST newborn diapers. Hooray!

I spent forever working on the nursery after I brought all of this home, so i'll post pictures of that later. It is just darling now!! I love going in there and sitting down in the rocking chair just to relax.

Edited: Here is the picture I took of myself before the shower. 30.5weeks pregnant :)


  1. such a cute theme and cake!! and the favors your mom made are adorable!!
    jaci got all kinds of fun stuff!!! glad you had a great shower girly!! :) and of course you looked great!

  2. I love those owl favors!!!! Love them. Looks like you got a lot of cute girl clothes!

  3. Looks like a great turnout! That owl cake is so cute and Jaci Claire got tons of cute things!!

  4. That owl stuff is so cute!! Yay for a shower too! I wore an owl necklace yesterday and thought about you. :)