Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Emergency Doctor Visit

So, like I posted a few days ago, I went to the doctor and had changes in my cervix. Well, today when I went to the restroom, I wiped and there was discharge and blood. I called the doctor and they said come in asap. So I did..

The doctor said from what I was explaining it sounded like I had lost my Mucous Plug {gross!} He gave me a Rx for Terbutaline and said to take it as needed, but not more than.. so much? I can't remember right now, but have it written down. Anyway, he didn't act terribly concerned {again}, but did say he didn't want to do a cervical check because he didn't want to stir it up more. I obviously have a lot going on that isn't supposed to be, so he said "moderate bed rest and pelvic rest" Which is absolutely impossible! I am a stay at home mom and do everything by myself for the girls. CRC is still in a crib so I must lift her in and out of it. The house has stairs, so i'm always walking and moving. There is noone who can come help me during the day. It's up to me. I just have to try and not do "too much."

I asked what I should do if I bleed more and he said if i'm having contractions/cramping to drink 3 large glasses of water, lay down and take one of those pills. That should help and if it doesn't to come back in. This is so stressful!!! I'm not sure why Miss JClaire is so ready to make her appearance :)


  1. Keeping you in my prayers! Hopefully Jaci Claire will wait a little longer. :)

  2. As a mom of two preemies, I can not tell you enough times that you need to do as little as possible. Seriously, just sit down and let the kids do their own thing. They are old enough now. The hardest part of the first years with the kids was dealing with ALL the issues due to prematurity - reflux, developmental delays, illnesses, NICU stay, thousands and thousands in medical bills. And I had my boys at 36.5 weeks!

  3. thinking about you hun and praying for you!! that little jaci claire is really excited to make her appearance!

    p.s. you have a non-reply blog. meaning when you leave comments on blogs the person whose blog you are commenting on can't reply :(
    you asked me a question yesterday in your comment and i couldn't respond. i wanted to though! ;)

  4. Ohh Kaycee i'm so sorry, I hope things get better! Kaylee was born at 32 weeks, very very scary! When I was 32 weeks with Karlee, my blood pressure shot through the roof and I wound up in labor and delivery, having contractions, but they finally stopped. Take it easy!!

  5. I am a preemie twin who was born at 29 weeks. You don't want her to come early, trust me. Take it easy! See if your mom might be able to help some, too. :)