Thursday, December 30, 2010

19 Weeks..

19 Weeks..
{Almost half way there!!}

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 19 Weeks 
Size of baby: Large Heirloom Tomato
6 inches and 8.5 ounces
Total Weight Gain: Not totally sure.
Although I had a dream that i'd gained 13lbs :( I woke up very upset.
Maternity Clothes: Yes! Hate to admit it, but SO much more comfy.
I'm still wearing what I can of my pre maternity,but I don't want to stretch everything out to the point I can't wear it after baby.
Gender: I don't know... 
Honestly, the dr said "probably Boy", but i'm having a lot of doubts. I'm seriously thinking Girl now. Ready for 2 more weeks!
Movement: Only a little...
Sleep: Sleep is pretty good, although i'm getting more uncomfortable.
What I miss: Same things.. a waistline. A tan.. 
Cravings: Hmm..still fruit. Fresh pineapple. Please and Thanks!!
Symptoms: Feeling very round. I have to really put forth effort to get myself off of the couch.
What I’m looking forward to: The next u/s January 14th!!! Anatomy Scan

Front View


My belly looks a lot like it did when I was pregnant with CRC. I am bigger{in the belly} this time around, but smaller in the arms, booty and legs. So hmm..i'm just not sure :) I'll attach a picture of me at 20 weeks with CRC next week to compare.


  1. Girl you look totally like I did with Cole!!! BUT one diff. you look totally adorable!! hehe love seeing the pics!! Cant wait to know FOR SURE the sex!

  2. I love the owl theme. :) You could always just do solid colors and throw in the owl accents, accessories. :P