Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Cards? What Are Those?

I've always been good about getting our family Christmas cards made, but this year, with everything that's been going on, it has slipped my mind. I decided, last minute(about ten minutes ago to be exact) to try and take some pictures of the girls in front of the tree. They were dressed fairly cute today so I gave it a shot.

CRCis in a really weird, goofy face stage right now. All of her smiles look cheeky. She also looks like she is missing teeth, but I assure you, she isn't. It's that darn paci causing havoc in her mouth. Alas, a few turned out pretty cute.

 CDC, as always, is ever so photogenic. :) Even though she was in a funky, grumpy mood!

 I like this one because she was really laughing!
 This is the best I could do of little CRC. Poor boo bear. She just doesn't care about being clean or neat and tidy like CDC does. lol. Gotta love her though ;)
I think they are possible Christmas card contenders. Just need to try to get one of the both of them together.

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