Monday, December 27, 2010

Visiting Pictures of Christmas Past

I was just looking at pictures on Facebook and came across very similar Christmas pictures from the past two years. I love love comparison pictures!! I just thought i'd share them.

Cami in 2008.
OMG look at her hair!! I wish i'd never cut it. She's so precious!!
in '09, being extra poised and lady like. Sweet thing.
this year, in 2010. I love her genuine, silly grin here!
 I see a lot of growth from '08 to '09, but not much from last year to this. Mostly in her face, if anything. She does look much more mature and less "baby faced" She's always been so photogenic. My little model girl.

Here's my itty bitty CRC in '08 at only 2 months old

 in '09 giving the cutest "Cindy Loo Hoo" vibe EVER!
 ..and this year in 2010, sporting some extra long bangs that mommy promptly cut after seeing this picture!
I see quite a huge difference in CRCover the past two years. She's grown a ton and her little face has changed dramatically, but is still!!

Christmas time is always great for us. I love the holidays and capturing my sweet girls in front of the Christmas tree is always a must! I absolutely love to see them grow from year to year.


  1. They are as beautiful as always! I love reading your blog, welcome back. :)

  2. They are both so beautiful! Love the photos.