Thursday, December 30, 2010


I used to do this all the time on my old blog and I miss it.

I don't have a ton to share, but yesterday both girls were cracking me up.
While I was getting ready yesterday morning, CDC was sitting on the bed eating popcorn out of the Christmas tins{you know the ones!}She was thoroughly enjoying that popcorn too and had no clue I was watching her. She looked at the TV and said "I wish I could marry this popcorn." with the silliest, googly eyed face. I started laughing and she turned quick to see me watching her. I asked her where she heard that. She told me "Sam on iCarly said she wish she could marry her pie." LOL! I know that's pitiful that she watches enough TV to know that, but girl seriously loves her iCarly and apparently popcorn too.

Later that same day, we were in the care and the song "Cooler Than Me" came on. The first thing I heard from the backseat was "Is that Justin Bieber?" coming from CRC!! I laughed so hard out loud. It shocked me, really. Cami talks about him all the time, but I didn't realize CRC had picked up on it.

They are so funny. Sometimes I get so busy and forget to just sit and listen to them. They're always so imaginative and say the most interesting things. 


  1. I've always loved the Cami-isms, but the Carrah-isms are hilarious! Your kids have always been so verbal early on! Mariele is still learning to speak English. She kind of has her own language going on LOL!

  2. OMG Kaycee I went to the old blog and read the Cami-isms and literally LOLd at the one about wal mart and Kroger. SO funny =) I love hearing everything they say!! I need to start writing more of what my boys say down. Kids are just hilarious!

  3. So funny!
    Don't feel bad, Katie watches iCarly every night!

  4. How funny!!! They are teenagers already ;)

  5. Hey Kaycee, this is EXACTLY why we built !

    All of are friends are now having children of their own and I wanted a way for them to record and share with the rest of us all the great words of wisdom and experiences from their children. It'll be great to look back at them in a few years! Maybe you and your readers would enjoy it. Happy Holidays!