Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Day of Rest

I love Sundays! Everything about this day is comfortable and heart warming, especially right at Christmas time.

Today, i'm going to sit down with the girls and try to explain that Jesus is the reason for the season. We've discussed it with CDC from time to time, but never in detail. I think she is at the age now where she can understand better.

We bought {Gluten Free} Cookie Mix at Wal Mart and are going to bake them tonight. They will be Jesus cookies! I guess I should have done a cake to reiterate that it is His birthday, but I had a mental block I guess. Wal Mart will do that to you, you know? It's a mad house right now!!

We did not go to church this morning, as i'm still searching for the perfect one. Actually, if I were searching hard enough, I guess i'd be somewhere this morning. No excuses. The truth is, I slept in because I worked until 2am. {BOO!} Speaking of my job, it's getting a bit more difficult. My belly is getting bigger and as busy as my job as, people are constantly bumping into me and it scares me sometimes! I'm afraid i'm going to get rammed in the stomach. That's why I said it just doesn't seem morally right for a preggo to work in a bar! Grr. But I do make very good it's hard to stop until I actually have to.

Back to this beautiful Sunday.. It's been so peaceful thus far. The girls woke up, played and ran through the house, we cooked breakfast together, and now i'm having my coffee before getting out and doing our running. Although, I am enjoying sitting here on the couch alone, for now. Happy Sunday!

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