Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CRC Valentine/Spring Pictures

{Precious!! One of my FAVS! Definitely got an 8x10 in this!}

So, as I was scrambling to rush out the door to get CDC to school this morning, I decided to let her forego her trademark Hair Bow and just go au natural with wavy hair and all.. That is the first time she has ever ventured out into public with no hair bow! We show up to her school and I hear the talk amongst the other parents in the hall. "Be sure to turn in your form, you have to get your pictures taken today." "Come here, you have a smudge on your face. Gotta get cleaned up because you have pictures."
I can feel myself start to panic!! Pictures..what?! Then I remembered seeing that tiny piece of paper in her folder yesterday. "Spring pictures will be taken tomorrow due to increment weather conditions." Crap! I didn't even pay attention to it because of the bad notes from her teacher. Argh! The ONE day in her {almost} 5 yr old life that she leaves the house without a Bow is school picture day!! GREAT! Luckily, I dressed her very cute. I ran back out to my car after I had taken her inside to desperately search for a Bow. Thankfully, God knew I would have a panic attack if my child had to have pictures taken without a Bow and I found one wedged under some trash in the floor board. Ha! Woo Hoo, the day was saved!!
Anyway, after all of that drama, I decided I would take my littlest child, that has had not a single professional picture taken of her since her 1st birthday, to get pictures made.

We ran home, got changed, and headed to Sears. It went amazing!! I actually didn't get there until about noon, smack dab in the middle of her normal "nap time" I was terrified that she would be throwing herself down screaming. But much to my surprise, she smiled and laughed the entire time. Go CRC!!! We got super awesome pictures and I spent way too much money, of course. But, like I said I haven't gotten any made of her since October 2009!!

She was laughing hard in this one. The lady assured me they could take the glare off of her glasses. Yay!

We also decided to take a change of clothes for some impromptu Valentine's shots..
Here's my little chocolate heart!

I did, at one point, have to bribe her with a RED sucker! It matched the shoot so perfectly.

This doesn't look that much like Carrah, but she just looks so mischievous. Hehe!

And, drumroll please, my absolute FAVORITE!!!{next to the first one} Love love love my little love bug!!

And here are some I didn't order today. I can still get them online for up to a week , I think. :) Well shoot, I can't add the rest for some reason...


  1. What a pretty little lady. Great pictures :)

  2. She is sooo cute! I can not get over how big she is getting! I remember reading your blog when you were pregnant with her!!! Her hair is so long and beautiful!! Sooo cute!

  3. Those are so stinkin' adorable!! I love her hair...I wish Madalyn's would grow out and be pretty, but she is now 7 and I have lost all hope on that...LOL.

  4. Just precious! Love them all!

  5. Love all of these pics! Miss Carrah is growing up so fast!