Monday, February 14, 2011

Snow, No More

 Today is Valentine's Day and it is beautiful outside! I couldn't ask for better weather. There was plenty of sunshine to go around and the temp was probably around 67 degrees! That truly makes for a great mood not only for myself, but also the girls.

Cami went to school today, but as soon as she got home, we all 3 walked straight through the front door and out the back door to play! We stayed outside for about 2 hours. They loved it , obviously. But shockingly, even I didn't want to come inside. I wish the weather would stay that nice all year around. 
 I cannot believe I got a picture of them together, in the same shot, and both looking toward the camera! It was so sweet, i was sitting on that table and Cami wanted to come sit beside me rather than play, for a minute. Then Carrah joined her. :) Of course I sat there for a few minutes before I jumped up to try and get a picture.

 Self taken of the three of us. I haven't got a picture of all 3 of us in a long time! Please excuse my boob spillage. That's pregnancy in all it's "glory" for ya because believe me, they are usually non existent! {wink}

 My {almost} 5 year old!! Sigh.. that doesn't seem possible..
 Little Miss..

 This is cute. They were playing like they were Dora and Diego exploring.. They were running all over the place. Jumping, ducking, hiding etc.. I love their imaginations.
 I think these photographed really well too. They climbed on top of the dog's dog house while they were exploring. And then the dog ran toward them, that's why their faces look so intrigued. 

 Running down the hill. Actually, Cami was dancing. Wish I could've captured that because it was funny!

Btw, doesn't CRCs hair look similar to CDC's here, back in October 2008. :) They were almost exactly the same age in these pics. One month difference.
{wow the grass is really dead now compared to then! ha!!}


  1. Kaycee,
    I've missed so much since I last popped by for a visit!
    You look great and so do the girls! ;-)

  2. I love your blog! I randomly found it when you were pregnant with your second little girl and I have followed it ever since! :)