Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Goodies

I'm not sure if I mentioned that i'm NOT a fan of Valentine's day, but if not, I just did :) I won't get into all the nitty grittys of it. Just never been my favorite "un holiday" Plus it feels like it was JUST Christmas!! Come on.. However, I can't let the girls go without getting anything. I try to make it fun for them, at least. We didn't do anythign extravagant. I didn't even buy them VDay outfits this year. We gave them their goodies the day before VDay so Chris could be there too..

They each got a Butterfly Bear, Chapstick, Candy Hearts, and a HUGE bag of their favorite candy. M&M's for Carrah and Reese's Cups for Cami. Yum!

CDC has been Bowless a lot lately. lol! She's just not a fan of leaving them in these days.. She is a fan of Chappy though :)

Some of these pictures are such bad quality! I turned the flash off because it was so dark in there..

I left the flash on for this one. She's showing off her pretty Chappy'd up lips!

And her bear. Ha! They did not care about pictures..

It was fun though. They really enjoyed all of their stuff, so that made me enjoy Valentine's a little more. The next day my dad and my grandma popped by for a few minutes each and brought the girls {and ME, i'm still their baby} some gifts. Hehe!

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  1. Awww they look so happy about their gifts! Priceless!