Tuesday, February 22, 2011

26.5 Week Dr Appointment

I was supposed to have my "26 WEEK" Dr's Appointment last Thursday 17th, but with all of the snow days we've had, they rescheduled me to yesterday, Monday the 21st. Which was fine with me. I knew it wouldn't be an eventful appointment, but I did want to check on my contractions.

My appointment was at 1:15pm, I arrived about 5 minutes early {stupid!} and I waited on the doctor for ONE hour!! The nurse came in and said that he was delivering a baby. Grr.. how can you be mad about that? I couldn't because I know if it's me in the delivery room, i'm going to want him there. However, I had to pick Cami up by 3:00pm and her school is about 15 minutes away. So I started to get antsy.. But, he arrived in time for me to be seen.

Everything looked great. Baby's heart beat was 150bpm. She's been hanging out right in the middle of where Cami and Carrah were. Cam was always about 165bpm and Carrah was around 145bpm. :) All similar though. He did tell me that the contractions were mosts likely from dehydration, which I suspected..darnit! I had a genious idea though {and someone else suggested it on here last night} to buy the Crystal Lite flavor packets. They work wonders!! I've almost doubled my water intake by adding them to a glass. I'm serious, I cannot drink plain water this pregnancy. It's shocking because I normally drink SO much water. Anyway, I'm glad to know it was nothing serious.

I've gained a whopping 23lbs!! I almost cried sitting there on the bed thing.. Dr told me "By looking at you, I do not see a 23lb weight gain. You look great! It's probably all fluid and water retention that you'll lose right after you have the baby." WAHH! lol, that did make me feel better though. I don't feel near as big as I did with either of my other girls, but I only gained 29lb total with Carrah. Maybe you just retain different amounts of fluid with each baby. Oh well.. i've dealt with it and moved on. {wink}

I start going back to the doctor every two weeks now. Next time I go I have to do the 1 hour Glucose test. Yucky! But I get an u/s too! So that keeps me positive about it. One week from Thursday, i'll be 28 weeks. 3rd Trimester! Yay! Can't believe it has gone by so quickly. But i'm thrilled. I'm ready to have another sweet baby to hold.


  1. don't worry about your weight hun, i know easier said than done. i'm up 28 pounds now ;) i've been thinking about getting back into some kind of workout routine but at this point i'm thinkin screw it, haha. we mise well just enjoy our pregnancies and at least we have something so precious to look forward to in a few weeks!! so exciting! :)

  2. You really do look great! Congrats on a wonderful doctor's visit!

  3. That was meeeee! glad it helped you drink more water!

    the other thing I have heard is, the more water you drink , the less fluid you will retain because then your body starts to know it's getting the water. don't know if that's true but worth a try!!