Friday, February 4, 2011

The Wonder Place

Yesterday, CDC woke up and told me she wanted to hang out with me and CRC for the day rather than go to school. {Aw!} It has been freezing here{and we are snowed in today}, so I decided i'd take her up on her offer. 

We got up and I cooked GFree Pancakes and Bacon for all three of us. The girls enjoyed theirs in front of a Winnie the Pooh movie and I drank my coffee while watching the news. Perfect start to a usually boring Thursday. I had an idea to make it even better.. The Wonder Place!! We hadn't been there in almost a year and it seemed the perfect day to go back. It is the neatest place. It's like a giant play room where your kids can just run free and be kids without being told to calm down or be quiet. I love it!! And so do the girls.. Just look at the pictures below for proof..

We didn't get to stay very long, though..which is a bummer! I think we were there about 45mins to an hour when CRC with a shocked look said "I need go potty!" I looked over and it was too late. She had already soaked her pants and panties. She hasn't had an accident in a while now, but I think she just got so excited playing that she forgot to ask to go to the potty. I learned a very valuable lesson..always take a spare pare of pants and panties! :) They were tired anyway and when we got home then took a great nap.

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  1. That looks like a FUN place!! Sorry about the quick exit though!