Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Long Sleepless Night

I'm still working Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday at work. I'm a cocktail waitress/bartender. So i'm on my feet a lot..a LOT! My awesome boss was sweet enough to build me an entire Bar outside, so I can sit down through the shift. I worked it for the first time last Friday and did really well. I felt much better when I got off that night. No sore hips, legs, or feet.

However, on Tuesday nights, I work alone. No one else is there to help me. I wait tables and bartend. Last night, I realized I cannot do that anymore. While I was working I started to sweat for no reason. It was around 45 degrees last night and everyone else had jackets and sweaters on, but not me. I was in a long sleeve t shirt and burning up! I then got dizzy and nauseous. Yuck. I felt so sick. I had to sit down, finally. It was a pretty busy night too, so I was up running around most of the night. I started to feel a little better, but then when I left, I started having extremely bad heartburn. So bad, I was having acid come back up my throat. Gag.

Then I got home and laid down immediately. I fell right to sleep, on the couch! Woke up around 1am, feeling terrible! I was having strong contractions. To the point where I had to hold on to the pillow and breathe through them. It happened for an hour straight!! No relief at all. It would just come in waves, over and over! Hurt all through my lower abdomen, through to my lower back, down my legs, and between my legs. OMG it was terrible! I seriously could not breathe through it. Like I was holding my breath. Finally, around 2:40am, it stopped. I don't know what brought it on because I drank about 10 glasses of water at work, so I know I wasn't dehydrated. I figured it was just all of the walking I did last night.. Either way, it was awful! I will not be working Tuesdays alone anymore.

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