Saturday, February 1, 2014

7.5yo Heartbreak

Remember when you were a kid and you got invited to a birthday party/slumber party?! It was the MOST anticipated event of your whole world {at that particular moment in time} You talked about it for the entire week. You packed your bags two days prior to the actual party. And you were giddy with excitement the morning you woke up and realized it was really here, THE day!

Well, CDC had her first experience with these emotions this week. I watched as she bopped around , telling her sisters of all the fun things she would get to do. She giggled about what her and her friends would talk and gossip about and then she bragged about all the pizza and cupcakes they would get to devour because it's a SLEEPOVER,after all, and no rules apply. 

I was really excited for her! I remember those feelings and I have tons of memories from several different epic slumber parties. 

When she woke up yesterday morning and we were on our way to school, I told her she had to do great on her spelling test in order to go. So, she said would. I gave her medication for the Sinus Infection she's been battling and she took it willingly. 

After work, I swung by our house to grab her bag, pillow, and sleeping bag and then headed off to get her from her Nana's house. 
She was literally jumping up and down when I pulled into the driveway. She had her boots and jacket on and was walking to the car before I could even put it into park. I asked how she did on her spelling test and she said she missed one word....sprung! {I knew she was having trouble with that word, so I almost accounted for the fact she wouldn't get it.} Anyway, I was happy with her test results! She got all of the other words right, so off we went. 
Headed to the party...

When we arrived to our destination, CDC started getting really nervous and shy. I told her it would be fine and everyone was looking out the windows for her! We rang the doorbell and she said 
"MOM! You brought me a TINKERBELL sleeping bag! I'm 7! That's for babies!" 

*rolled my eyes* 

"Really? Tell them it's CRC. It's not that big of a deal, I promise.." Lol... Such drama!

Once inside, her friends were hiding from her. She looked at me, smile, then ran off to find them. After she found them, {well, after they jumped out and said "BOO"} , they giggled and scampered away to get into the cupcakes! I hollered goodbye to her, but she was too busy to come back and give me a hug so I heard her say "Bye momma" from the next room. I left about 6:10pm and drove back to town to get JClaire from my mom. 

I was at my moms for about ten minutes, then left to go home. No more than three minutes later, I walked in my door and got a phone call from the little girl's mom at the Slumber Party.{I knew something was wrong...I always know "those" calls}

"Hey Kaycee...CDC just got sick and threw up everywhere and she has a fever of 100.2"

*uhhhhhh* I felt TERRIBLE!! Not only for sending a (apparently still) sick child to a birthday party full of ten little girls, but also for my child who was so excited for her first sleepover. :( 

I called her Nana and asked her to pick her up because she was much closer than me and I told her I'd leave my house that moment and meet her down there. I pulled into the parking lot where I was to meet them and received a phone call... It was CDC. 

*Crying hysterically. Hyperventilating.*

"Momma!! I don't want to go. I wish I'd never been sick!! I wish I'd never came. I'm embarrassed. I can see them having fun through the window! It's not fair..."

My heart was crushed. I wanted to cry with her. Had I known she was still feeling bad, I would have never teased her with the option of going, but she had been fine the past two days. 

I spoke with her and told her I understood and that I was so sorry, but it wouldn't be fair for her to stay and risk getting the other girls sick. And I told her they were having fun, but I'm sure they were bummed that she had to leave and I promised her we could have a sleepover for her 8th birthday this year in May. I also told her she could pick any movie from RedBox{this is a big deal to my kids} and we'd order a pizza. She liked all of that and was able to calm down. 

Later at home, all was fine with the world again. She and I snuggled on the couch with pizza, popcorn, and a movie. Then we fell asleep cuddled up together. {That NEVER happens anymore} So, in a way, it all worked out for the best and she hasn't mentioned it again. 

Love my girl. 

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