Friday, February 14, 2014

Multitude of Valentine's

Okay, I lied in a previous post about Valentine's Day. I said I didn't like it. It wasn't a big deal in our house. Etc.. I must have been having a Debbie Downer Day because that is not the case. I LOVE Valentine's Day! Especially for the girls sake. I was looking back at past Valentine's and I always go all out for them. It's so fun to look back and compare not only their gifts, but also themselves growing! This year, they all received a stuffed animal, a heart shaped box of chocolates, a VDay heart necklace, an oversized pencil, and a heart tube of M&M's {Skittles for CRC, who prefers them to M&M's}

My tiny baby girl was the only one home this morning because the big girls spent the night with their dad. But she LOVED her Valentine's. She was all smiles and snuggled her Puppy Dog the entire car ride to the babysitter. She could have been overly happy because I let her eat her M&M's for breakfast. Hey, VDay only comes once a year! *wink*

{Look at that pony tail!! Her hair is getting so long! *sniffle*}

{and then there is this face... haha! Silly head}

This beauty is my Valentine's Box for WORK! Yes, i am a grown woman with a big girl corporate job working at our Headquarters, but guess what... We are having a VDay Box contest and a Chili Cook off! Woo Woo! I'm all about some competition. When I heard it was a contest, I was in it to win it! Now, my box isn't that snazzy pizazzy, but it did take some time and craft skills and I'm pretty proud of it. It's precious!

My sweet sweet daddy who is under the weather at the moment with Shingles :( left me a Valentine in my mailbox! I came home from work on Thursday to see this. Love him! He always does special things for me for Vday.

Both of my big girls had their Valentine's party at school yesterday {Thursday} the 13th. This is one of the only things I do not like about working. I hate missing my kids' parties. I always loved when my parents came to mine as a child and I hate being that parent that works non stop and can never make it. But, I'm thankful that my ex mother in law can go and take pictures for me. I truly appreciate it. My girls had a blast and they got tons of Valentine's and goodies.

And here is me sporting my red on this awesome Valentine's day 2014! I'm ready for my date night with my boo. He did not tell me where we are going, just gave me instructions on what to and what not to wear...
Hope you have/had a GREAT day!


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