Monday, February 3, 2014

The Bachelor Recap - 2.3.14

Ay yai yai

I did not start watching The Bachelor until 9pm central time tonight because CDC had Girl Scouts, I had to give baths, then exercise, then clean up for a good 30 minutes to burn the rest of my energy. So I ended up seeing a few spoilers on Facebook. {Boo! You'd think id learn to stay off of Social Media if I didn't want spoilers!} 
Once I turned it on, I had several things I desperately wanted to talk about...

Let's begin at the beginning of the episode {even though I want to jump right to the juice of the story}
The first one on one date went to Renee. Mom to an 8 year old. I really really like her. I have liked her from day one. She has stayed true to herself and showed pure class. I thought they had a great date and it went really well, but bless her soul, I don't know if it was the editors or if she really talked about "the perfect night for the perfect kiss" that often, but it was just sad.
But, alas,  skip to the end,!!!!! And freaked OUT.... It was "so worth the wait." So cute. She's adorable.

Next up was the group date. 
Andi was bummed because she was on another group date. She whined about it and acted like a grumpy butt. Does she not get that he has macked down with her more times than most of the girls? Chill.
And ok, Clare is an attention whore. Hey girl, when none of the other girls in the house like you, that's an issue.
Charlene....ugh. That's all I can say. She reminds me of a man for some reason. I do not like her and do not understand what he sees in her. Her actions and mannerisms are just awkward.
The rest of them... eh, whatev. I do like Chelsea though and think we will see more of her. Mark my word. :)
Then, Clare received the group date rose. Sigh.... Did we see that coming or what? Come on Juan Pablo, give someone else a chance.

Fast foward to that night, after Clare received the rose, she told the girls she was "going to bed." She snuck away, off camera. Then they picked her up again and she "didn't want the night to end" so she sneaked to Juan Pablo's room and told him she'd never felt "warm waves in the ocean." {If I could make a gagging face with an emoticon, I would do that here.}

So, they end up in the ocean, feeling the warm waves falling over them.... and doing God only knows what else, but apparently it was "Pure Bliss... in every way." according to Clare {with an eyebrow raise and a wink} Gag. Gag. GAG! 
I mean come on, did they do the nasty or did they DO the NASTY?!!!  Seriously JP, you want to be Mr. Goody Goody with certain girls, but then do "THAT"{your own words}... of which you said your daughter wouldn't respect, if she saw, in the ocean with Clare Bear....
Come on now. Don't be hypocritical.

Let, me walk away from that for a moment and discuss Nikki's one on one. I could not stand this girl last week. She was all about gossip and drama, but she made a change for the better and I loved her this week. Her braid and choice of outfit for the daytime date made her look a bit like a little boy, but it worked for her. He likes her. She is funny and I think that's one reason he likes her. She would keep him on his toes. Her comment about the date had me rolling... 
"I live. I die....or I poop my pants" That's the epitome of not taking yourself too seriously and making the best of the situation even when you're scared poopless!

Moving along to the cocktail party. Juan Pablo confronts Clare about "taking things too far" {obviously meaning sessy time , to me} and says that it's something that he does not want his daughter to see and if she did, he knows she would not respect him for it.{Duh...}
Clare cries. Clare causes a scene. Then Clare tells the girls her "allergies are awful!" Blah, blah, blah....
Don't be a skank if you can't handle the repercussions. Seriously, yes it is about "following your heart", Clare, BUT keep it CLASSY!! No man wants a woman that puts herself out there like that so easily. Especially a man with a daughter who he treasures so highly. Although, I hold him just as accountable. He should not play the "I have a daughter" card with every other girl, then be a freak-a-leak with Clare , then go back on it and basically blame her.

Anyway, the rose ceremony proved to be exactly what I predicted. It's so easy to pinpoint exactly who goes home, simply because of the editing on this show. It's SO EASY! They do not show ANY time with the girls that will be going home that week. Danyelle, Kellye, and Allie were the ones to say bye-bye. I did not see any of them with him in the long run, but perhaps that is because they did not air any of their conversations!!!! 
Bachelor producers, if you do not want the general public to know who The Bachelor/Bachelorette choses in the end, learn to edit the show better! Mmk thanks :) 

All in all, what a mess. What else can you expect from reality TV though, right? I'm disappointed in the hypocrisy and the skankiness, but I will be tuning in again next week... My earlier prediction of Clare taking the prize aka Engagement ring is no longer on the table. As of now, I choose Andi, Renee, and Nikki. {PLEASE not CHARLENE!!! That is my ONLY wish for the whole show!!!} 

Until next week, let's hope not only that no one spoils the ending for me, but also that Juan Pablo learns to keeps it classy!

Overall, my words to describe this episode are Awkward and Skanky.

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