Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Baby

Oh how I love this child.
Nearly four years agoI never would have imagined my life with a third child. But, God had other plans for me. She was destined to be my baby. I'm absolutely positive of that fact.

This little girl has brought so much happiness to my world. She is the epitome of the "baby" sister. Her big sisters adore her and they loved her from the instant they saw her, as did I. She brings out the best in everyone! Of course she is full of sass and can give you some pretty diva-esque looks, but for the most part she is calm, lovable, and eager to learn and just be happy and make sure everyone around her is happy. If she happens to walk out of the room after sitting with you, she will look at you with eyes wide open, full of concern and say
"I'll be right back, ok? No be sad." then flash a huge smile that you can tell is so sincere and full of love!
My life couldn't have been in a more unstable place when I found out I was pregnant with her, but the distance I have come amazes even me. I'm more settled, grounded, and happy than I ever thought I could be.
God has perfect timing and sent me the most perfect Angel!

...not to mention, I finally have a mini-me! ;)

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