Friday, February 21, 2014

Basketball Superstar...or Not

My girl played beginner basketball this year and her team ended up winning second place! Woo hoo! They did not have enough girls sign up, so she had to play on a boy/girl team. That was very unfortunate because the boys were all a lot more athletic and agressive than the girls, so she and the other girls took turns each quarter sitting the bench.
But, she was more interested in gossiping and watching than playing anyway, so it ended up working in her favor. Haha.

Later that day, we got to play outside in the SUNSHINE! Our weather decided to grace us with a warm, sunny day for a change.

CRC always has to have her stuffed friends with her. :) She's so imaginative.

And little miss diva always needs her "unglasses" haha! Such a sassy pants!

Then, on Thursday CDC's team got together again for a trophy ceremony. It was pure chaos with kids from 1st -6th grade getting trophies, but she had fun and their trophies were really cool!

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