Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do The *clap* *clap* Potty Dance!!

This week has started a new chapter in our lives. Potty training CRC, or at least attempting to do so.

She has already proven to be more difficult than CDC! I started potty training CDCwhen she was the same exact age that Carrah is now. She was fully PT, day and night, dry at all times, within 3 weeks. Easy peasy. CRC is going to take a wee bit longer I expect. I think Cami was more "ready" when we started because she would go hide when she had to go #2 and Carrah doesn't. She just goes wherever and most of the time is okay to let it sit in her diaper without telling us she needs to be changed. {Not saying that's her responsibility, just giving an example.}

She's done okay with the progress. I don't use Pull Ups, we just do Panties from the beginning. I go check on her about every 20 minutes and have her sit on the potty just in case. She has had a couple of accidents, but overall she's went on the potty. But I am asking her, she's not yet telling me she needs to go.

It will be a challenging road ahead, but i'm up for the challenge to not have two in diapers!

Edited: Let me go back on my word a little. lol.. Since I posted this, CRC has been running in her panties all day and she has pee pee'd on the potty 3 times. Twice without me even asking her. She called downstairs to me and said "Momma, I pee pee on potty" singing it like a song. maybe it won't be so bad :)

And just for fun, The Potty Dance =) The girls like to hear this song.


  1. Good luck with PT! Im not looking forward to that ;)

  2. Autumn is showing a lot more interest in it than Nathan ever did. She has even gone poopoo on the potty one time. I'm excited, but she is still in diapers for now.

  3. Good luck. I'm so glad you dont use pullups! I really think that is the key. DONT USE PULLUPS. ;o)
    We did the 3 day potty method and it was a HUGE success for us. Hooray things are going better than first expected! Keep up the good work Carrah and Momma!

  4. Way to go Carrah. I am yet to start Alexis. Man I hate potty training but know I really need to start. S i guess I should say thanks for the reminder. lol