Monday, January 3, 2011

The Owls Have My Heart

Oliver the Owl Crinkle Crackle Toy 

I've been thinking about the baby's nursery a lot lately. By this time I had already started on CRC's. I knew what I wanted and we got it done. This time was a little more difficult to make a decision. I knew I didn't want to buy a "Crib Bedding Set" because I hate bumpers!! I will never use one again. So I just don't need that whole set. I realized how much i'm in love with these modern looking Owls that you see everywhere. I thought, hey, I can do a nursery based around Owls. However, the only stuff i've been able to find is on Etsy and it is outrageously priced!! I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I should reconsider and do a different theme for the nursery.. My heart is totally set on Owls though. I love them!! I saved a few of the pictures I found on Etsy. My mom and I discussed trying to make our own stuff, such as the Owl Mobile and possibly a blanket and pillow. We'll see what happens.. I guess i should wait until Friday, Jan 14th to see whether i am in fact having a Boy. :)

Owls on a Vine Wall Decal

Owl with Minky Wings {just a cutesy stuffed Owl}

 Owl Mobile

haha! Just noticed my blog background is Owls! I love them, I tell ya!!

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  1. Haha! That's funny. I love owls too! I made MK an Owl dress and my mom gave her the cutest owl jammies for Christmas. I think you could totally make the stuff you want to! I have confidence in your skills!!! :o)