Monday, January 10, 2011

Let it SNOW - Day 2

Snow Days 2011 - Take 2!

 CDCand our dog, Bambi. They're the same age, born a month apart and have been best friends since day 1! So sweet!


Cam and mommy! Look at her big blue eyes. They photograph so well outside.

. Ha!

I love this picture. I think one day when they grow up they will love it too. Best Friends Forever <3!

Stuck!! See their heads flying

Scary pic of me. CRCs like "Get away!" ha!

Bambi running FAST in the snow.

CDC was watching her daddy in the shop. He thought he could get the riding mower out and play on it. Another "Duh.." ha! It got stuck too..

Soo precious. Big sister protecting little sis from the loud mower...

Again..just waiting..

Ha! CDC's face. It was blowing snow out of it

Poor bear! She fell so many times because it was so deep..



CDCwanted them to ride together. So cute!!


  1. Fun snow! Carrah doesn't look too happy in the one with the snow in her face!

  2. Fun! Wish my husband was home with me today we have piles of snow that I dare not venture into today. My daughter loves it though!
    Your girls look like they are having a blast!

  3. aw!!! all the pictures are so cute!! looks like ya'll had so much fun :)

  4. Cami is really looking so grown! I was following your other blog and now I'm following this one :)
    Congrats on baby#3!!! I bet miss carebear is excited!

  5. Sweet, looks like so much fun! Your girls are getting soo big :) Enjoy the snow!