Friday, January 7, 2011

Mommy Went Shopping!

{Absolutely love this shirt! Hope it fits well!!}

All of my pregnancies have been different. Very different. When I was pregnant with Cami, it was the same time of year now. Her birthday is May 8th and this one is due May 27th. However, i was only 19 and wanted to "hide" my pregnancy with clothes. {ha! There was no hiding that big 'ol bump!} So I never bought Maternity Clothes. I just wore Yoga, Fleece, and Sweat Pants all the time with big T Shirts. Yuck! I wish someone would have told me how pitiful I looked. Ha!

With CRC, it was the opposite time of year. I was pregnant through the summer. I did buy Maternity clothes when preg with her. Lots of shorts, casual Knit Tops, and Tank Tops. I did, though, give them all away after I had her. I vowed to never be pregnant again and purged all of my Maternity and baby items. Eeek!

This time, i'm smaller everywhere except my belly! It is almost 2x the size it was before, but thankfully my booty and arms have been spared {up until now anyway} So I had to start buying Maternity shirts pretty quickly this time around. I've been wearing my regular jeans though. But the past week or so, they've gotten tight!! I'm so sad.. I wanted to wear them for as long as possible, just to say I did, but it's time to put them away. Wah! I wore Maternity Jeans yesterday and it was like floating on a cloud! {lol!} Soo comfy!

Anyway, I went to Old Navy online and saw they were having a 70% off sale on Maternity clothes! Woo Hoo!! I got 5 shirts and a Cardigan Wrap for $50! Also, they have an option for FREE shipping with a $50 order, so you can bet I did that. I can wait a few more days for my clothes for cheaper shipping.
Below are a few of the things I got.

This was only $7.97!!

As was this..$7.97
{Chris said he wouldn't have picked it for me, but oh well.. Your style has to change a bit for the belly}

This one was a whopping $4.97
{I didn't love it by itself, but I figured it'd be cute under a Wrap or Sweater}

This was $14.97
{Love these! I had two pre pregnancy and wore them with everything! I got the one in Grey though}

The other shirt I bought is now sold out. It fits during pregnancy up until around 6 months, then you can use it post pregnancy as a nursing top. Cool! I feel like I got some good deals. Now, i'm going to keep my eye out for sales on Motherhood Maternity Jeans. They're the only ones I like.

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  1. It's so hard to find normal looking preggo clothes but these are CUTE!